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New Videos on Request!

Back in August, I started going around asking random friends and family for song requests, most of whom didn’t know what it was for. Out of the 13 who submitted songs, I now present to you, the first Request Remix (stick around for the end sequence at the very least.) If you don’t like the music, don’t shoot the messenger. I just picked the movies. 😛

Of course, those were only twelve songs. The last requested song was turning out pretty well, so I split it up into it’s own separate video. Tim Burton and Queen go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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Superman Returns… to Bollywood!

After years of begging, pleading, and complaining on internet forums, both DC and Marvel fans will no long have to look any further for that Superman/Spider-Girl musical crossover they’ve been demanding. In 2005, Bollywood joined the superhero race with their own take on the genre, putting “Batman Begins” to shame, and proving once and for all that anyone who doesn’t live in India may be living in the wrong country.

Take about 6 minutes out of your time and watch the following clip. What may seem like fan-fiction gone horribly, horribly wrong may very well change your life (or equally destroy it.)

I’ve seen some pretty crazy things come out of Bollywood, but this one borders on all levels of wrong and awesome at the same time. As a stand-alone music video, this would be pretty sweet. But between this as 6-minutes of a full-length movie, and the Japanese disguising themselves as vending machines to thwart crime, I really have to commend that continent. When they don’t want to take something seriously, they get it down to a fine art.

My favorite thing about this clip is that it’s a high-concept video with an incredibly low budget. One never imagines a match-up like this – seriously, who even considers Spider-Girl for anything? You’d almost think the script(?) was rewritten because the rental shop only had one costume left. Then there’s the green-screen effects (which look like they were assembled in Adobe Premiere) which still have the characters casting shadows on the sky and turning transparent. Not to mention the Bollywood version of camera-tracking involves duct-taping a camera to the top of a moving vehicle. Yet you have to wonder what might happen if Bollywood put as much effort into the rest of a production as it does into it’s dance choreography.

Yes, the dancing. As completely messed up as that was, you have to admit that Superman and Spider-Chick have some pretty funky-fresh moves, which they exercise often enough. They can’t even wave good-bye to a brutally beaten couple without gyrating their hips on the way out. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire continues to shame us all.

EDIT: What’s up with Superman’s new ball-grabbing power? In this instance, he lifts up a man by his balls, spins him around, then leaves him suspended in mid-air. I’m not sure how Superman discovered this amazing new anti-gravity ball-grabbing power, but it looks more trouble than it’s worth, plus it involves grabbing balls. No one will judge you if you just curbstomp the guy, Supes.

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TechnoBuzz: PS3 comin’ down + 3DH on the rise

This holiday season, the PS3 drops down another $100, but at what cost?

Sony announced last month that they were discontinuing their 60GB Playstation 3 models, and were now dropping the prices on their 40 and 80GB consoles, lowering the selling price to $399 and $499 respectively on October 28th. This would finally put the PS3 on par with the X-Box 360 in terms of marketability. Or would it?

Don’t be too quick on the gun to rush out and buy that thing in the nerdgasmic fury many blind fans and family members might attempt to do this holiday season. While it might be all fun and games to the new Playstation owner, current gamers would be advised to know what was done to lower the price this much. Aside from removing 40 gigs worth of disk space (which only means anything if you’re a hardcore user,) Sony has effectively removed all backward compatibility from the 40GB model. That’s right – you know those two generations worth of Playstation titles you have? Well, better hold on to that PS2 because the PS3 won’t be able to play any of them. There’s effectively now less games to play on a PS3 than there was ever before, and it didn’t have a very large library to begin with. Fortunately, the 80 GB version still has some backwards compatibility, but because they’ve opted to use emulators instead, most old games will now run glitchy instead of not-at-all. Considering backward compatibility is the biggest selling point in the Playstation series, you’d think they’re WANTING to fail.

Sony has decided to downplay this issue by giving out a shiny new Blu-Ray copy of Spider-man 3 with every PS3 sold.

In other news, has anyone else heard about this 3D Holoprojection Technology? It may be coming a lot sooner than you think. It’s a revolutionary new video system that may very well put this whole high-definition thing to shame. It operates on the same principles as those 3D movies where you have to wear those retarded glasses, only the picture is better, and you don’t need glasses at all. It creates images that trick your subconscious into thinking you’re in the direct vicinity of the picture, without any nauseating physiological side-effects. If it’s any indication, we might be looking at Back to the Future II technology right here.

Plans are already underway to bring this to television as soon as possible. Even rumor has it that James Cameron is filming his next big blockbuster “Avatar” mixing both it and IMAX technology in his latest attempt to blow our minds with sheer concussive awesomeness. One can only dream (and fear) about what this might mean for the porno industry.

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One of the best webcomics ever.

Courtesy of The Slackerz:

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Brand new look, same old crap

After a full month of no updates, I’ve finally taken it upon myself to switch servers, get rid of some old crap, and give the site a fresh coat of paint. So with any luck, this should reasonably look like a somewhat professional site and not the half-assed imitation blog that I had before.

Some of the new features to the site now include the obvious blog template I’ve installed. Instead of linking everyone to the forums for comments, you can just leave them anywhere (including on the cartoons.) And the Archie captions now run on comments too because I’ve gotten tired of Photoshopping everyone’s individual submissions. The Videos and Cartoons are all neatly categorized, and what else, what else…? I guess there’s a bunch of links and blogrolls on the side to replace my link page.

Oh – and if you want a REAL update, head on over to the Videos section and check out the “Drunk on Power” shorts. For anyone who’s been wondering how Terrence pulls his weight around here, look no further. He and Jayme have been working these videos for the last several months and now they’re here for your viewing pleasure.

Things you’ll notice are missing: Artwork, Fan Stuff, and FAQ. I’m leaving the old Photoshop page up, but most updates to that will be filed away through the blog. Also, I can’t figure out how to make the cat meow through this template, but on the bright side, I’m actually using a picture of my own cat this time.

So this is the new place. Have a look around. Beer’s in the fridge.

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