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The Hat Returns: The Movie Teaser!

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Just Another Manic Monday

It’s another crusty-eyed Monday morning as yet another fine weekend comes to close in my otherwise dull and routine-filled life. On Saturday, me and Brit went out to see “Juno,” but ended up taking in the late show after getting side-tracked by some fun trips to Hooters, Chapters, T&T supermarket, and a tattoo parlor. The movie itself was pretty good and not at all what I expected, so I highly recommend it.

I’m still waiting out the winter so I can get out and ride my bike again – and maybe even take in some night classes. At the moment, I’m consistently swamped with work from my involvement in “The Silver Lining” which, if I’m lucky, I’ll be done with before the summer.

In the meantime, here’s a video from Lasagna Cat to brighten up your morning.

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Old School Gaming: The Beast Within

Published/Developed by: Sierra On-Line, 1995
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Rating: A

A Killer Good Time:
“The Beast Within” is a sequel to one of my all-time favorite adventure games, “Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father.” In the original, the lead character Gabriel finds himself trying to solve the case of the voodoo murders while waging a one-man war against an underground voodoo cartel in New Orleans. In the sequel, he’s moved to Rittersburg, Germany, to stay in his old family home and once again gets called back into action when werewolves start attacking people in Munich. As you investigate the murders, you also get to play as Gabriel’s assistant, Grace, who finds herself trying to uncover a two-hundred year old political conspiracy that may tie into the present murders. The story is wrought with twists and turns and will keep you guessing as the chapters go on.

The Gameplay:
There’s a lot of good things to be said about the game itself. The graphics are all live-action shot against both CG and live-action backgrounds from real locations, making it feel like you’re really touring around Germany. The gameplay has a simple one-cursor interface, requiring you to do a lot of pixel-hunting, but fortunately, it stays within reason. You even get a tape player to play back conversations for clues. It all comes together very well, and the added atmosphere makes it worth turning the lights off during some scenes when your characters find themselves being hunted.

The Final Word:
Aside from all the pixel-hunting and some cheesy CG werewolves, “The Beast Within” is near-perfect gaming experience. The plot itself is more worthy of a feature film than most adaptations. The puzzles are clever, the locations are diverse, the characters are well-acted, the atmosphere is tense, and it’s even a somewhat educational experience. It may not live up to today’s “shoot ’em up” or “guitar plucking” standards, but it’s still a great mystery by all counts.

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TVTalk: Superbowl ’08

I sat down to watch the Superbowl yesterday for the first time ever. Not because I like football, but because of all the controversy and awesome commercials it stirs up each year. Curiosity got to me. Unfortunately, I’m guessing this was an off-season of a year for it since the half-time show featured no full-frontal nudity (which is probably a good thing since it was Tom Petty singing.) Not to mention I watched it on a Canadian channel, which as I later found out, cuts out half the commercials the Americans get to see. Meaning I missed this:

Think I’ll stick to hockey.

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