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So he’s a robot. Who knew?

Barack Obama’s amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

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Flippin’ Semis

Just for fun, here’s a movie montage I made of trucks get flipped, destroyed, and driven off cliffs. Enjoy!

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Another Hard Drive Bites the Dust

I’ve been out of commission for the last week or so on this end due to a crashed hard drive. Fortunately, I’ve made a regular habit of backing up my work often, so not much was lost and I can get back to production on everything right away. The real pain was reinstalling all of my main programs, and reinstalling several smaller programs to install those ones. As a result, I’ve decided to back-up all my main setup files in a nice accessible directory in case if I ever have to do this again.

I’ve been having a reasonably great week lately. Watched “Inglourious Basterds,” had the time of my life at a friend’s wedding, traversed the River Valley with Bonnyville friends Jayme and Kara, watched “9” with Brittany, had a board game night with Ali and her friends, and hung out with the Amie gang at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. Then I boiled some zucchini according to a recipe which ruined it. So I baked it with cheese instead. I also met a really nice, wonderful and promising girl at the wedding and will see if that pans out before getting too excited.

Anyhow, that’s my random update for the time being. I’ll catch y’all later!

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Care Bears Apocalypse

I was just informed from the head mod that I tied for 1st place with this entry in Cracked’s “22 Ways to Reboot Classic TV Shows.” Somehow, I still prefer their choice for #1 which features Mr. Ed as a talking horse lawyer, because I would totally watch that show. I am a little saddened, however, that my other entry which features Gordon from “Mythbusters” battling a minotaur didn’t make it onto the list.

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“Quest for Madonna’s Golden Orbs” Complete!

On the heels of “Space Jeff Game” comes Pstonie’s own finished adventure game masterpiece! In this one, you’re an abstract Yugoslavian gentleman in pursuit of two golden boobs. Along the way, you meet many objects, contemplate things, and harm yourself in interesting ways. You can experience the adventure in it’s entirely here in the forums. A fair bit of caution, though – this one contains explicit language and poorly-drawn frontal nudity. If that’s up your alley, good for you! If not, well, try to enjoy otherwise. It has a fish in it.

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RIP Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze died Monday at the age of 57 after his long struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Some will remember him as the dude from “Dirty Dancing,” the film that has plagued many a date, (because frankly, every girl will make their boyfriend watch that at some point – and it does seem to get better every time I see it.) Then some people would remember him for his more kick-ass roles in movies like “Road House” and “The Outsiders.” Sometimes he’d mix romance with kick-ass action in a movie like “Ghost” where he’s running around as a spectre beating the crap out of low-life criminals while ruining clay pottery. And then later in his career, he’d get tricked into making bad family movies which feature some of my artwork. In any case, even when he was at his worst, he was still at close to being a man’s man and a ladies’ man that a guy can get without crossing the line into douche-baggery. Plus he even beat the crap out of cancer the first he got it, so that’s pretty cool.

I’ll always fondly remember him as the guy whose face kept getting Photoshopped onto King Graham’s head during Paw’s KQ5 playthrough. Because for me, that’s one of highest honors any actor could hope to have.

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Movie Reviews: June-August ’09

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
What’s happening: While the Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons, Sam leaves Megan Fox on her motorcycle so he can go to college. Then his mom gets high, he makes out with a machine, then travels to Egypt with two apparently racist robots. There’s lot of fighting. Critics hated it. It’s pretty awesome.
Say what about the implied racism?: Yeah, there’s two jive-talkin’ robots named Skids and Mudflap who bad-talk one another’s mommas and have faces that are modeled after old black-face actors. I would think this was insensitively racist myself if I didn’t remember all those Anthony Anderson scenes from the first movie and what kind of black company Michael Bay keeps.
Next Step in the Evolution of Megan Fox: She gets dirty and leans over motorcycles. Whether this is a step up from her hood-raising belly shot in the last movie, I leave up to the viewer.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
What’s Voldemort doing to Hogwarts now?: Not much. Dumbledore put up a big wall around Hogwarts so Voldemort can’t get in, so the kids had to invent their own problems. Fortunately, hormones help and most of the movie is about everyone making googly-eyes at each other. Also, Harry gets very lucky and Ron plays with balls.
What I really liked about it: On a more art critickity note, this movie has some amazing cinematography. And I’m not just looking at the fact that Hogwarts is now painted entirely in sepia colors. This is one of those cases where they can keep a camera still, and all the characters somehow fit into the scene like a jigsaw puzzle. Some shots are so well-framed that they even create a 3D illusion without the glasses. It’s pretty cool if you’re watching out for it.

I Love You, Man
Is it Gay Porn?: No, it’s about a guy with no friends who’s getting married, but his wife is concerned about him becoming clingy, so he sets out on a bunch of man-dates to find a best friend.
The Final Impression: I really, really liked this movie. Every time you think an old boring cliche is about to ruin the movie, the story just sweeps it aside and lets the story go on unhindered. As a result, there’s very little conflict, but who cares? It’s a happy-making movie with lots of Rush music. And Lou Ferrigno.

Is there Ponyo in this movie?: Yes, there’s lots of Ponyo!
It is fun to say Ponyo?: Yes, it’s fun to say Ponyo! Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo!
What will name my first-born children after seeing this movie?: You will name them all Ponyo.
Seriously, now – what’s the movie?: It’s Ponyo.
Describe it! Don’t say Ponyo!: It’s a happy story about a goldfish who falls in love with a human. So she steals her father’s magic and uses it to become human herself, which in turn threatens the fate of the entire planet. It’s like “Wall-E” meets “The Little Mermaid.” Ponyo.
Biggest “WTF, Miyazaki, seriously?” Moment: A mother abandons two five-year old children in a house in the middle of a vicious monsoon to go take care of some old geezers. That is bad parenting. Then again, the mom is also a crazy driver when transporting said children, so it all fits.
Does it end in the usual “Miyazaki doesn’t give a crap” style?: Yes. Yes it does. Forget big amazing climaxes. If he says the movie’s over, it’s over. Ponyo.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Compare this Movie to Another Movie: It is every movie that was ever featured in “Team America” with some “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” thrown in at the end. In other words, I like it and you don’t.
It is faithful to the cartoon? No. I only saw one episode, and in that one, Cobra hypnotized all the world’s animals to attack the capital cities. Such event did not occur in the movie. Instead, it’s all “terrorism through nano-technology.” Also, there is no point where Duke and Ripcord teach children about the importance of fire safety.
Best Part of the Movie: The Accelerator Suit Scene. You saw it in the trailer, but it really goes on for about ten minutes like that. Everything gets destroyed. It’s awesome. Of course, if the movie had taken ten seconds to make a joke about porkchop sandwiches, my opinion might have completely changed about where this film truly succeeds.
Biggest WTF Moment: Brendan Fraser’s in this? Wait, no, he isn’t. Crap, was that a cameo? Can you put cameos in training montages? He seemed like an important character for about 90 seconds.

Crank 2: High Voltage
Most Outrageously, Offensive and Sexist Movie Ever?: Quite possibly yes.
Lots of violence? Nudity? Explosions? Giant puppet fights? Disembodied heads?: Also possibly yes.
Am I quietly suppressing a testosterone rage-fueled freak-out?: VERY possibly yes.
Should I bring my girlfriend to see it? Ummm… only if she’s really cool.
Best Part of the Movie: I don’t think any film has ever summed itself up better than this one did with it’s final scene. Just… wow.
Final Word: I think I just grew seven testicles watching this movie. And I’m going to Hell.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
What it’s about: Simon Pegg and his quest to write for movie magazines and have sex with Megan Fox.
Next Step in the Evolution of Megan Fox: Wet dresses, getting high on cocaine, and climbing over rooftops in her underwear.
Final Word: It’s actually pretty funny. I liked it.

District 9
The General Wow Factor: This movie is freakin’ fantastic. It’s like a documentary that slowly eases it’s way into an action movie. And the effects – holy crap. A $30M budget, and we’re looking at non-stop special effects that are right on par with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Half the time, I even forget the aliens in the scene aren’t even there.
A Scolding is in Order, though: Bad movie! Bad! Stop shaking around so much! Brittany wants to watch the movie too!
My Favorite Part: Heh, heh. The main alien character is named Christopher.

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Rickroll of Doom!

This weapon should be in every game.

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The Miracle of Facebook: Stalk your Children!

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Glub is a Many Splendored Thing

If you don’t get the reference, go to YouTube and watch all three episodes of Charlie the Unicorn.

We had an awesome party on Saturday. It had a chihuhua and Super Mario World.

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