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The Roommate, the Cat, and the Coffee Maker

Sorry it’s taken a while to repost anything. I’ve been going hardcore on the job hunts and having what could be arguably the most frustrating time finding a place that’s both “hiring” and “right now.” So one can imagine I sound like a broken record if they ask “how’s your day been?”

In the meantime, my little brother’s just moved out of his apartment and has come to stay with me for a few weeks (and just when I got this place super-clean too.) So having never had a roommate before, I can only say that this is going to be interesting. Especially if that bong of his gets used for more than decoration and the condo board starts going around knocking on doors again. But in the meantime, I still get free access to his coffee maker, movies, and even get to take care of a cat for a few days. He has his video games here too, and I’m growing concerned that being in such close proximity to Guitar Hero is going to throw a damper on my job hunt.

Anyhow, that’s life at the moment. Will get back to you next time something happens.
Yours sincerly and figuratively, Chris Ushko, Box of Mystery 2010

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Ducktalez 5: Quack to the Future

Here it is: the next chapter in my trilogy of nephew stories. Time travel has always been one of my favorite subjects, so I had fun coming up with my own take on how somebody could screw up the past, especially if that somebody is Dewey.

I’m still convinced that J.J. “Mystery Box” Abrams is spying on me somehow.
Chris Ushko, Box of Mystery 2010

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Website seems to be working now…

And even better, my friend Dave managed to send me a few lost articles from his RSS which reminded me that all my previous posts have been stored in my Google Reader. So a huge thanks to Dave, and another huge thanks to Amie who got me started on using Google Reader just a few months ago. I’ve managed to recover the text of those articles, so I’ll just re-post the major ones here for archive purposes. (My apologies to anyone using a feed who just wound up with tons of old posts.)

Just in time too, since I have something relatively big on the way for later this week. Stay tuned.

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Archive: Sales Stories

I was getting quite good at it too, but unfortunately, had no choice but to turn in my resignation today. Different circumstances have forced me to seek out two full-time jobs around my neighborhood instead.

Just a few quick stories and observations about my brief stint in door-to-door marketing:
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Archive: The Smashies ’09

Before starting this year’s Smashie Awards, I have an unfortunate announcement to make.
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Archive: Tim Schafer Game Reviews

Having recently finished “Brutal Legend” again for the umpteenth time, I wanted to post up a review, but a simple review didn’t seem to be justice enough for the fifth installment in one man’s legacy of video games. Enter Tim Schafer – not a house-hold name, and not associated with any mainstream games like Super Mario or Halo – but nonetheless, one of the finest creative minds that the medium has to offer and one of my personal heroes.
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Archive: Movie Reviews, Sept-Dec ’09

Inglourious Basterds
What we see in the trailers: Wall-to-wall action as Lt. Raine’s troops storm around France gunning down Nazis in a bloodbath of awesomeness.
What the movie’s actually like: People sit at tables and chat for twenty minutes about everything except the plot. Then some plot happens. Then they sit at another table and repeat the process until the movie’s over. Every other scene ends in a quick ten-second gunfight. Those are the parts that end up in the trailers.
But it’s still damn good!: Yessiree, Bob.
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Archive: Adventures in Dog-Sitting

My brother Nick and his girlfriend dropped off their dog at my place for a couple days. It’s a welcome change from the usual hairless cats I take care of, although they weren’t kidding when they said this dog was dumb. Ironically, she’s named Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.
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Archive: Box of Nativity ’09

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Archive: Finest Films of the 70’s

Following up my previous lists from the 80’s and 90’s, I have now scientifically broken down a list of the finest films of the 70’s (because obviously the 70’s comes after the 90’s. Don’t ask me how science works.) These are the top movies that have been walking fine lines for over three decades, and still kick ass for their time.
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