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Wood found. Maybe Noah’s Ark? Or maybe wood?

In one of the more hyped-up new stories this year, a team of explorers claim to have found the remains of Noah’s Ark trapped inside a glacier on Mt. Ararat. They are “99.9%” certain it’s the real thing (of course, if I was working in the cold mountain air for the last decade and badly needed a research grant, I’d be 99.9% certain as well.)

Much like it is with any age-old mystery, this is one of those stories I want to believe. Partly for the historical event value, and partly because I want to see Nazis show up and try to steal it (hell, I’m still crossing my fingers that Atlantis shows up eventually.) Of course, with all things, practically every news source is quick to jump to vague conclusions on whether or not this a hoax, and whether they just found some old wood. Granted, everybody on the internet immediately becomes an expert on the subject without even being present at the site, but then who can blame them when Noah’s Ark gets discovered every few years?

Even if it is real, the discovery would be more “cool” than it is ground-breaking or controversial. Believers already think the boat exists, and non-believers can scientifically explain a boat. Either way, the irony of the universe will bring everything back to square one.

Nevertheless, faith and skepticism go hand-in-hand when it comes to finding the truth. So in regards to whether I can be convinced that this is THE Ark, here’s my ultimatum: prove the remains are part of a boat. A big boat. I don’t care if the cubit dimensions are wrong, if there was only enough room for two rabbits and a horse, or if it belonged to someone called Bill – just prove it’s a boat, and I’ll call it Noah’s Ark. Because honestly, I don’t think you’re going to find any other 4800 year-old cargo ships stuck on top of Mt. Ararat.

And if you happen to find a Lost Ark inside the Ark, don’t open it.

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8-Bit Dr. Horrible (Final Act)

Courtesy of the ingenius Doctor Octoroc is the final act of this 8-Bit musical extravaganza. Bravo, Doc, bravo.

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King’s Quest 2 Made Easy!

I made a new one!

King Graham returns in an all-new adventure! What perils await him in this new world? Will he ever find true love? Who dares to stand in his way? These questions (and more!) are soon to be answered!

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The UPS Dinosaur

Okay, so not even ten minutes after me posting about winning some contest, I stumbled across the newest post on my friend Michaela’s site, and it’s one of the best things I have ever seen and have decided it takes immediate priority over my own life.


Heck, I’m going to create a whole new category just for that.

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If the Internet took over our schools

I placed in first in yet another Cracked Photoshop contest (making this my fourth win!) This one caught me off-guard since I submitted a “man, everybody else’s entries are so awesome, I’m just going to half-ass my entry in under ten minutes” kind of entry. Although in retrospect, it does provide a good punchline for the contest in general. But definitely check out the rest of the contest – there were some excellent entries (I was rooting for the Nigerian Prince to win.)

Now all I need is for the Canadian dollar to go back up so I can finally transfer all this Cracked money out of my Paypal account.

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Incinerations Update: Chapter 6 finished!

Chalk this one up to all the free time I have being unemployed. The finish line is still way off, but my next update on the game should include a full trailer and not just four screenshots.

Still no update on the job situation, sadly. I’ve often compared finding a job in this economic climate to winning the lottery. Even with the economy getting better, I’m still competing against at least 3000 other laid-off Canadian animators, with over 300 resumes spread out across Canada and the States. I’m pretty sure it’s not my skills or experience, since some of my preferred companies have given me positive feedback on my portfolio. But if things keep up like this, I’m heavily considering selling the place and going to school in Vancouver for a Bachelor’s Degree if that’s what it takes.

In the meantime, please enjoy and try to make sense of the following screencaps from “Incinerations.”

Toaster + Race Car = AwesomeNot the nose!  Not the nose!Bea Under GlassHow the Colonel really cooks his chicken

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8-Bit Dr. Horrible (Act 2)

New one’s out already!

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Chat Roulette Pranks

Justas pointed one of these out below. At the end of the video are several more links to additional prank videos by the same guy. And they are awesome.

I haven’t tried out Chat Roulette myself. Given it’s reputation, it seems like there’s only four kinds of people on Chat Roulette: the masturbators, the pranksters, groups who go on to laugh at the masturbators and pranksters, and the people who don’t know any better. So unless you’re with your friends or have some awesome gimmick to punk people with, you’re either a pervert or a victim.

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More Kitty Pictures

I love how one man’s garbage can be another kitty’s Christmas. All the fancy cat toys in the world just can’t seem to add up to a sheet of bubble wrap and an empty ice tea box.

I think we’ve all dreamt of sleeping on bubble wrap at some point.
-Chris Ushko, Box of Mystery 2010

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8-Bit Dr. Horrible (Act 1)

This fellow by the name of Doctor Octoroc has just finished putting together a 8-Bit recreation of Act 1 of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” I find this to be on a whole new level of awesome, but you’d be better off watching the actual show first before jumping in on this. I’ll see about posting the next acts as they come along.

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