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DBZ Abridged Ep. 15: Operation Dodoria Drop

“I like his mustache.”

Good start to a weekend.

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Look at dis cake I made

For my brother’s birthday. If you go back several weeks into my posts, you can find the video it references. They messed up on the cake, though. I had a nice Photoshopped image lined up and they scrapped it and just tried painting it on instead. As a result, Baman’s shirt is now pink.

Also, for kicks, I re-uploaded my old Happy Birthday, Unca Scrooge cartoon on YouTube. Go watch it!

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Bruce Lee is back… in Bear Form

Special thanks to my friend Tawmis for finding this.

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How LOST Ends

**WARNING** Contains very, very real spoilers
**DOUBLE WARNING** Comments might contain actual spoilers

So as it turns out, the island is really a crashed roller disco from a planet in the Horsehead Nebula inhabited by dinosaurs. They came to Earth to feast on our molten goo and bring us the gift of song when they were intercepted by Lord Smoke Monster and his polar bear army who wanted to steal their power crystals. Both spaceships collided and landed in our ocean somewhere.

The show basically ends with Captain Vincent The Dog giving all the castaways special rings that allow them to control the elements. Then they rise up against Lord Smoke Monster and use his magical Numbers of Power to seal him inside the Phantom Zone. Then Hurley turns into a cake and the screen says “THE END…?”

All in all, I rate it a solid B+. Plenty of full-frontal nudity, twenty minutes of nunchuk fighting, and a lovely scene where Sawyer lets out the biggest fart ever. “Lost” did not disappoint.

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4 8 15 16 23 Skidoo!

Heard of “Lost?” It’s ending next Tuesday in a big two and a half hour movie event (which severely cuts into my back-to-back “Deadliest Warrior” and “Glee” time.) I could always watch the later show, but people have a habit of being asses when it comes to finales. It was the same way with the last Harry Potter book where it took me a week after it’s release to start reading it, and by then, I already knew how 10 of the 30 main characters would die (highlight for answer: wizard magic.)

Anyhow, the good folks at Cracked have come up with a handy recap tool for anyone who hasn’t been watching Lost but might get forced to sit through the finale by a friend or loved one who refuses to give up TV rights. This recap (done in a style of a 20’s radio show) should tell you everything you need to know, and teach you some awesome slang words at the same time.

Catch Up On ‘Lost’ (Via a 1920s Radio Show) — powered by

For now, I’ve gotta get back to fixing my place. This dumb cat head-butted my closet door off it’s hinge trying to fish a toy out from under it. Hilarious to watch, but aggravating in the long run.

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Cat Slap

Sometimes simplicity can be a beautiful thing. Five years from now, this will be me and my cat.

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Robots vs. Wrestlers

I just stumbled across a couple episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” last night, and I really have to ask: Why didn’t anyone tell me that Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, and Bob Saget have been on a sitcom together for the last five years? And that stuff like this happens in it?:

After watching two episodes, I’m convinced I’ve found a worthy successor to fill that void in my life once held by “The Drew Carey Show.”

Ironically, the reason I tuned in last night was to check out “The Big Bang Theory” on a recommendation – and it really sucked in comparison (it’s basically “Two and a Half Men” except with nerds.) But I will give it credit: it has a really kick-ass theme song.

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Terror on the Fairway

Well, it finally happened. I finally got involved in a deadly high-speed car chase – providing you replace “car” with golf cart, and “chase” with “battle.”

So there’s a bunch of us guys all hanging out at the golf course for my friend Mike’s bachelor party, and naturally, everybody’s already started drinking. One guy with a flask has been drinking since breakfast and he and his friend end up golfing with me and T. Also, we got two golf karts between the four of us.

Somewhere around the 4th hole, we get rear-ended and spend the next minute cruising over the fairway, ramming back and forth into each other. Then at one point, we were sword-fighting with our clubs out of moving vehicles. It was very much like this scene from Family Guy, only we were breaking a lot more course rules. It all ended in us getting pit maneuvered.

It was around the point where they rammed our parked cart and tried to push it into the lake while we teeing that we decided we might be better off staying a whole hole ahead of them.

Eventually, somebody did show up to scold us, but only because we parked our cart too close to the green.

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Ducktalez is “the greatest movie!”

Somebody on Newgrounds kindly pointed that “Ducktalez: The Motion Picture” has been dubbed by the on-site engine as top search result for “THE GREATEST MOVIE.” I like to think this places me in at least the Top 100 bracket of best things to get linked from on a search engine (Maddox’s “Safety Tips for Safe Kids” still earns Google’s top spot for “Best Page in the Universe.”)

While this doesn’t count Ducktalez as “the greatest movie ever,” I’ve just made a similar update on the NG page which might change that. Next stop, the WORLD!

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