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Back to School!

The word is in and I’ve just been accepted into the Vancouver Film School’s 3D Animation and Visual Effects program. Classes start next June though, so I’ll have to kill some time until I move to the rainy city. I’ve always wanted to go back to school at some point and with the job market as it is, this is probably the best time for it. Plus I’ll get to live in Vancouver for a year.

My current career goals right now are exceptionally higher than they were when I first graduated Dev a few years back. Rationally, they should be lower because as I’ve learned, all the jobs are in web design and graphics art (newspapers, billboards, magazines, etc.) Yet I’ve convinced myself that if going home and animating epic battle sequences on the computer is a good way to de-stress after a hard day of making T-shirt logos in Illustrator, there’s no reason I shouldn’t consider Pixar and ILM as viable career options (even up against all the intimidating competition.)

So wish me luck (in about a year’s time.) I’ve got my sights set high and I don’t want to trip over anything.

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New TSL Announcement Trailer

At long last, one of the three big projects I’m working on will be finally released as of July 10th. “The Silver Lining” is a King’s Quest fan-game developed by the massive and talented team with Phoenix Online studios, and yours truly has been responsible for a whole ton of the animation in this game. The game will be released in an episodic format starting with chapter 1 next month and so on (or until we’ve got everything in place.) Either way, it’s a BOM milestone. Something I’m working on is getting finished!

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Cat Slaps Cat! In Hat!

Courtesy of poster Jeyradan, here is a wonderful video of a cat slapping another cat. This is a very accurate recreation of what Bolt’s life has been like ever since he moved in with two other cats.

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Settled in and burned out

It’s all finalized today. House is sold, papers are all signed, cheques have been deposited, and I’m now living in a house with little to no internet access and a broken e-mail address that is taking Shaw forever to fix.

I’m getting a lot done in terms of home renovations and working on the game, but don’t be surprised if there’s fewer updates here. There’s only two computers in this house connected to the internet; one is password-protected, and the other is virus-ridden, forcing me to copy-paste every 20 seconds. I’m working on fixing this problem, but until then here’s the new trailer for the official Monkey Island 2 remake (I have to admit, their 3D remake looks way better than my MS Paint remake.)

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Great Scottosaurus!

Well, now. Here is the kind of news that would make my head explode fifty times over if physics permitted. I was going on the Telltale website to download and replay “Tales of Monkey Island” when right on their front page was the announcement of their next two adventure game series:

“Back to the Future” and “Jurassic Park.”

Fresh off of finishing the brilliant “Ghostbusters” for the PS3, I’ve been itching to see more childhood favorites return to PCs and consoles. In fact, just the other week, me and Brit sat down to watch BTTF again, and I kept thinking that the movie would work so well as an adventure game. I had the same gut feeling when a group of us watched JP months earlier. Now all I want to see is “Bill and Ted” make their way into a game and my life shall be complete.

In the light of this news, I actually sent another follow-up to Telltale’s HR department. I liked where this company was going before. Now I’m convinced I need to be in that office.

“Back to the Future” is a good choice for this company in my opinion. Their last two seasons of “Sam & Max” relied heavily on fourth-dimensional thinking in order to solve puzzles and tell the story, so bringing in the DeLorean wouldn’t stray far from what they’re already good at.

“Jurassic Park,” on the other hand, is a little different for the company, given how Telltale is renowned for making comedies. They have had success with their CSI games, but in this case, we’re dealing with a horror franchise where in every movie, people are trying to escape an island full of killer dinosaurs. So they’ll really have to expand on the situations and characters if they plan to make it episodic (unless they make it a comedy where we get to play as velociraptors trying to start a rock band.)

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Sure Sign of the Apocalypse?

“And the winner for Best Movie is… The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

Not exactly the first thing I want to hear when I turn on a TV.

Okay, so “The Twilight Saga” sweeping the MTV Movie Awards can hardly be considered a surprise, considering they let teenage girls doing all the voting with their cell phones. Heck, the Twilight movies are probably keeping the phone companies in business. But what are these girls really voting for? And how many straight guys voted for these movies too? And can they still be considered straight? And does “The Twilight Saga” really count as a saga?

1. a. A prose narrative usually written in Iceland between 1120 and 1400, dealing with the families that first settled Iceland and their descendants, with the histories of the kings of Norway, and with the myths and legends of early Germanic gods and heroes.
b. A modern prose narrative that resembles a saga.
2. A long detailed report: recounted the saga of their family problems.
3. A progressive rock band made famous in the early 80’s

No, it is not a saga. And just to recap, here is the movie everybody is voting for. This contains spoilers for “New Moon,” so be sure to read thoroughly in case you think you need to watch the movie first.

VAMPIRE: I’m not good for you. I must leave you.
GIRL: I want to kill myself.
WOLFMAN: I’m not wearing a shirt.
GIRL: I still want to kill myself.
WOLFMAN: Look. I have a truck.
GIRL: If I kill myself, maybe I can see him.
ME: We are now 90 minutes into the movie.
GIRL: Oh, look. Werewolves. And I still want to kill myself.
WOLFMAN: Don’t kill yourself.
GIRL: Okay.
VAMPIRE: I’m going kill myself because you probably killed yourself too.
GIRL: I will come to Rome to save you from… killing yourself.
VAMPIRE: Yay. We are in Rome.
GIRL: Make me a vampire.
ME: And that’s how Robert Pattinson landed Best Actor at the MTV Movie Awards.
WOLFMAN: I am sad now.
ME: At 130 minutes into the movie, we all are.
WOLFMAN: At least you saw some sweet werewolf fights, right?
ME: Oh, yeah. That was pretty awesome for like, 30 seconds.

People have tried to convince me that the books are better, so I bothered reading “Twilight” for a bit and then stopped when I realized I didn’t have enough vaginas to really enjoy Stephanie Meyer’s wet dream about a vampire she made up. Who sparkles.

My diagnosis: stick to Buffy. At least when girls bone vampires in that show, they literally destroy buildings.

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Back to Square One?

So on Friday, I got the call that my place has finally been sold. No luck on the job front, so I’m just packing up and heading home. I figured I best cut my losses and start from scratch, maybe even go back to school until job boards start lighting up again. Not exactly where I saw my life going at this point, especially since I spent the last entire year networking and have already put out over 300 resumes into the field (I got five call-backs, all of whom are looking for someone “more local.”) But at least I don’t have my place anchoring me down anymore.

On a lighter side, I went to a great wedding yesterday. My friend Amie finally tied the knot. There was thai food and much dancing involved and I came home feeling much relaxed. At least until the cat jumped on my head until 4 in the morning and now I’m sitting around with a headache that won’t go away.

It’ll be nice to be free of obligations and bills for a while. With July coming up, I have yet another wedding to attend, a high school reunion, and a family reunion. Not to mention I sorely need to get back in shape, so I’ll probably be taking up swimming once I’m settled in back home. For all I know, I might be able to start having fun again on my time (without fun turning into a financial liability.)

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Adrian Brody’s Best Day Ever

Today’s video is the latest from Neil Ciciergera (no, I can’t pronounce that.) Neil is the mastermind behind such creations as the Potter Puppet Pals and got his big breakthrough years ago on Newgrounds with his cult classic “Hyakugojyuuichi!!” A lot of his work just doesn’t make sense, and as someone who can make disembodied Kermit heads sing REM songs, I respect him for that. But this new one kind of breaks borders on how epically awesome 4 minutes of nonsense can get as we follow Adrian Brody’s journey from waking up to evolving into the new god of the universe. Also, the music is very catchy and it’s been stuck in my head all morning.

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