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Potter Puppet Pals Returns!

I was surprised at how for the last few years, Neil Cicierega never cashed in on his Potter Puppet Pal fame, then just yesterday, after years of barely giving the public the Puppet Pals they demand, he opens an exclusive channel for it. These episodes look to be a lot shorter and more frequent, so this is either an awesome thing, or the first step towards Potter Puppet Pals losing their edge, selling out, and ending up another Smosh. In any case, the new videos still make me laugh, so if you’re a fan, you can subscribe here.

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Old School Video: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

I was watching this little gem from 2003 with Brittany last weekend and figured I should re-post it for kicks. The bit with the recycling bin gets me every time.

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Every Other Game Made Easy

Well, this just puts my own work to shame now, doesn’t it? Pacman looks fun, though.

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The Silver Lining: Chapter 1 Released!

Today marks a milestone as I finally add something new to the “Games” tab here on the site. Chapter 1 of “The Silver Lining” is out, and it’s available for download over at the main site. Some of you might remember the demo we released for it a few years ago, and that’s basically what Chapter 1 is, in terms of puzzles and gameplay. What’s been added is a lot of polishing, as well as cut-scenes. Lots and lots of cut-scenes. And some really cool enviromental effects. And bug-fixes! Graham no longer glides around the island anymore! It’s still a very short chapter, but the game will expand nicely in later parts.

It should be noted that this game does not contain any explosions or farting ducks, as the writing staff has been very wise to keep the script away from me. I have a general idea of where the plot is going, but there’s been a lot of changes backstage, so when all five chapters are finished, it’ll be just as big a surprise to me. I could just download it off the SVN and peak ahead, but it would ruin the suspense.

Personally, I’ve been really impressed with everything they’ve done with the game since the Beta version. My role in this chapter has been limited to animation and some voice-work. The intro and the outro, for example, are my big babies this time around. In fact, one of the directors asked me to re-animate the big five-minute intro sequence about four times, causing me to go into a raging fit on multiple occasions. I’ve learned to be a lot more zen about it as a result. It’s good field practice for what to expect in a real animation studio.

Fun Trivia: I voice the first Winged Guard and only have two short lines in this game. Both of them sound like I’m channeling Kermit the Frog trying to be the Colonel from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Not-So-Fun Trivia: King Graham does not actually play a saxaphone in this game.

But-On-Second-Thought Trivia: It just occurred to me that I have a whole hard drive full of 3D King’s Quest character models – fully rigged and ready to animate. Man, I could do so much evil with these.

Anyway, onward to Chapter 2!

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King’s Quest 3 Made Easy!

Because TSL is coming out next week, I went on ahead and made this to celebrate. More simple-minded silliness from the land of Daventry.

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DBZ Abridged, Ep. 16: Vam qan Namek

“Gather the rest of the Dragon Balls and wish for a plasma TV!”

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Movie Reviews: April-June 2010

Clash of the Titans
New Rule: Shakey Cam + 3D Glasses = NOT ALLOWED
Seriously: Why not just Gaussian blur the whole movie while we’re at it?
Also: Movie is very inaccurate. All historians know the Titans were killed by an angry Spartan.
Also also: Ralph Fienne’s performance as Hades seems to be a compromise between the director wanting him to play Voldemort again, and Ralph wanting to play Grimer Wormtongue.

Iron Man 2
Yaaaaayyyy: Explosions! Robert Downey Jr! Robot fights! Scarlett Johansson in tight black leather! Sam Rockwell being wacky! Mickey Rourke being Russian! Biiiirrrrd!
What confused me: I don’t think this movie had a script. The story stops every two minutes just so Robert Downey and Sam Rockwell can stutter and chuckle through their lines. It’s like watching a two hour blooper reel. With explosions.
Many explosions?: Oh, yes. Many explosions.
My big gripe: Maybe I’m over-analyzing, but was that whole “blood toxicity” sub-plot actually a convoluted metaphor for Tony having a drinking problem? —Actually, yes – I just checked it. It was. They slapped a whole new sub-plot over the movie because thought Tony being an alcoholic was too dark for children. So they gave him radiation poisoning instead. Fun for the whole family!

Gwah?: GWAAAHHH!!!!
What is it?: What part of GWAAAHHH didn’t you understand?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Best Video Game Movie Ever?: Of course not. Not while Mortal Kombat exists.
Did it respect the video game, at least?: Nope. They just jotted down “Prince,” “Persia,” “Time-Travel,” and “Desert,” and made a movie out of that instead.
Was it watchable at least?: Oh, yeah. It needed more time-traveling, but was still a fun watch. There’s ostrich racing in it!

The A-Team
Awesome?: Yes, awesome.
Better than Crank 2: I don’t think Jason Statham will allow that.
Is the full theme song in it? It better be: It is! They play it twice, by my count.
What about Baracus? Does he pity any fools?: He pities ALL the fools.

Toy Story 3
So is it any good? It’s Pixar. These guys once made a successful romantic comedy about R2-D2, so the real question to be asked is “is it less good than the last movie they made?” In which case, no. “Toy Story 3” blew my mind. Definitely better than TS2, although I’m still debating over whether it’s better than the first one. That baby head on the spider legs still creeps me out.
Isn’t there a baby in this movie?: Oh, my god! You’re right! I forgot the awesomeness of Big Baby!
And wasn’t there…. ?: Totoro! Totoro was in this movie! And a force-field dog! And a dinosaur that eats force-field dogs! And a monkey! I made up my mind. It’s better than Toy Story 1.
So is it over?: Yes. I don’t think there will be a Toy Story 4. Unless you count this.

The Last Airbender
What’s it about?: “The Last Airbender” is based on the highly successful animated series, about young boy who controls the elements and must return to free the world from the tyranny of the Fire Nation. The story on which is it based has received multiple awards, garnered critical praise from all age groups, and has captured the hearts and imagination of today’s generation, making it one of the more beloved stories of our time.
And how’s the movie?: IT’S A ROTTEN, BORING PILE OF EXPOSITION AND HALF-BAKED CINEMATIC SCREW-UPS. M. Night Shyamalan has betrayed every single ounce of respect I have for his film-making prowess – and this is coming from someone who even defended his work on “Lady in the Water” and “The Happening.” Heck, this is coming from someone who’s defended “Dragonball: Evolution!” In fact, DB:E is the opposite of this. In DB:E, the subject matter was defecated all over, but the film still has the spirit and heart of the show. In “Airbender,” the subject matter is respected to the point where some scenes are shot-for-shot recreations, and yet the spirit and heart are completely missing. Sure, it follows the story, but there’s no humor, there’s no charm, there’s no imagination, there’s nothing that makes us want to enjoy the movie! It’s like being served a turkey dinner, only there’s just bones and M. Night ate all the meat in the kitchen!!! He’s effectively ruined the next best movie trilogy! Hang on, I’m done yet. Let me just add a break here… continue reading »

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