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DBZ Abridged 23: Grand Theft Goku

“Clever girl.”

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A Much Delayed Update from Vancouver

Wow, I’m really falling behind on my posts. Time is flying by too quickly over here.

Okay, so recap! Today ends week three at the school and, uhhh… huh. I seem to be drawing a blank about the last three weeks. Why am I writing this down? Why don’t I just delete this, get my thoughts together and start writing later? Meh – never mind. School’s getting to me.

Update since the last time I posted: So far, Vancouver is great. For the first week, I walked around the downtown area acquainting myself with the streets, businesses, and restaurants. Especially the restaurants. You can’t walk a block without finding several new places to eat. And half those places will sell sushi. Cheap, quick, on-the-go sushi – it’s like Tim Horton’s coffee over here.

I’m living in a small apartment just a few blocks from my school. Got a Norwegian roommate who’s taking sound design at the same school, and I’m walking distance from several basic needs stores (most of which sell sushi.) My entire life has been packed into one tiny room, but as a house-warming gift, my aunt got me a new video shelf and a… pantry for my room (presumably because I can’t trust my roommate not to eat my food? I’m confused on that gift. I’ve just been putting other stuff in it.)

The classes are huge here. We have about 30 people in my class alone, and four campuses are spread out across downtown Vancouver. It’s really amazing to meet so many people from around the world gathered in such a small area. My classmates have been really great so far, although many tend to hide in the shadows, and I keep discovering classmates I haven’t even met yet that I’ve been studying with for the last three weeks. One of my favorite things is finding out the special skills each of them was accepted for. I’ll often find myself wandering the classroom between lectures and spying on their work just to find out that the shy quiet ones doodle masterpieces in their sketchbooks.

The schoolwork itself is really pushing me to my limits. Just when I’m almost finished two assignments, six more are ready for me. Today I spent several hours after class trying to stay on top of the pile. It’s mostly just modeling and sketching at the moment, but a gut feeling tells me they’re still taking it easy on us. In time, I’ll probably have some animation and artwork to show off, so expect some updates in the next few months. It’ll be a hassle getting VSB and SQInc finished during this time, but the challenge seems enticing.

Incidentally, out of everything, I found my new favorite class is Animation History. It’s nice to sit down and spend three hours just talking about cartoons and watching some old classics (stuff like Steamboat Willie, and clips from Fantasia.) In the last class alone, we watched several of Chuck Jones’ Bugs Bunny cartoons including “What’s Opera, Doc” “Duck Amuck” and “One Froggy Evening.” And it was pretty awesome to learn that one of my childhood favorites “Popeye meets Sindbad” is actually an important part of animation history and that I’ll be quizzed on it later this year.

I’ll try to stay on top of my personal news a bit more as a lot of things have been happening around here and I’m struggling to remember everything. Let’s see… Canucks in play-offs, Dim Sum, two upcoming weddings, the crazy dancing ladies at the Mexican health food store, hobo street performers, Thor, a surf-themed auto-shop, karaoke with the awesome-est group of amateur film producers, bouncing balls, the 40-minute wait in line at Ceili’s, followed by the 40 minutes trying to escape the place, and a naked cat named Herman. I hope that covers everything!

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