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Silver Lining Episode 4 out!

I’m a little slow on the draw with this one.

It took me a week after it came out before I realized it was finished, it took me another week to actually play it, and another couple weeks before I got around to updating my site with it. VSB and SQInc have been keeping me rather busy.

This new episode is about as puzzle-filled and drama-ridden as Episode 3. Probably more-so since it contains two of the most aggravating puzzles since “King’s Quest 3.” Otherwise, it’s of decent length (took me about 8 hours to finish) and you finally get to explore all the islands. But I must persist – if you plan on playing this, choose “EASY” over “NORMAL” when the dreaded box puzzle comes.

Some of my larger animated cut-scenes are featured in this episode. The acid trip sequence at the end? Totally my baby. And I do quite a terrible job voicing Pan.

You can download it HERE or just watch the trailer right here.

“Tis in my Memory Licked.” Heh heh.

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Crazy Duck in Space!

Truth be told, I haven’t even started writing “Ducktalez 7” yet. But in the meantime, here’s a guy who wrote lyrics for the moon theme in the Ducktales Nintendo game. It’s pretty awesome.

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Movie Reviews: August-October ’11

Man, I’ve been behind on my movie reviews. Then again, I think I only saw about three new movies in the last three month. I haven’t even been torrenting stuff lately. But here’s what I got.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
In One Word: MONKEY! 😀
Beforehand: This was one of those movies I was iffy about just because I thought “Planet of the Apes” was one of those outdated sci-fi movies that gets more ridiculous as time goes on – so I kept thinking “do we really need a prequel to show us how the apes become our masters? Are audiences outside of Homer Simpson still afraid of talking monkeys? Weren’t three of the original five movies based around that same concept and didn’t they suck?”
Aftermath: This is one is really quite good. Unlike the trailer (which built the apes up to be villains) the movie does a much better job of depicting them as the heroes – so once they run around creating havoc, I stopped caring about mankind and just rooted for the monkeys. And the monkeys are just a treat to watch. Most of the film depicts their captivity like a cell block, so all the prisoner archetypes are there and nicely performed without dialogue. Andy Serkis does another amazing job as Caesar, and I have to wonder why he’s the only guy who ever makes motion-capture look good.

Cars 2
The Word of Mouth: For some reason, we didn’t get this movie here for two months (in spite of the fact that Pixar has a studio just 20 minutes away.) In that time, I kept hearing bad things about how this was “Pixar’s worst movie ever” – so when I went in to see it, it was partly an experiment to see what on earth could qualify as a “bad Pixar movie.”
And the verdict?: A “bad Pixar movie” doesn’t even exist. In fact, I think what’s got the critics’ panties in a twist is that the last few Pixar films all sold themselves on pushing our emotional buttons. “Cars 2” doesn’t do that. There is no moment in the movie where we start crying because of our nostalgic attachment to the characters. It’s just Mater in what’s otherwise a well-executed spy romp in the style of an action-comedy blockbuster.
So the cars are spies now?: Yes. Pixar took the concept of turning a tow truck into a globe-trotting spy and made it work. The action sequences are creative, the twists are clever, and the sets look amazing. I can’t even compare this to the first movie because of how different it is. It’s like comparing “Ratatouille” to “Wall-E” – two completely different but very good movies, and neither one can really be better than the other As far as a “Cars” sequel could go, this is actually pretty good and not deserving of the bad word-of-mouth. It’s still way better than most of the movies I’ve seen this year.
But it’s no “Toy Story 3.”: And for that I’m glad. I remember one of my Facebook friends writing “Toy Story 3 raped me emotionally” last year, and to be honest, I was getting sick of the emotional downpour too. I still believe Pixar will be the first to kill off a main character someday, but until then, I like seeing the studio mix it up. This is why Pixar is still my favorite.

Real Steel
It is: Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. And pretty good. Boxing guy fights with robots. Meets his estranged son. They bond as they restore an old fighting robot together, then it turns into “Rocky 3000.”
I want: “Real Steel” to become the new “Rocky” series. No, I want it to COPY the “Rocky” series. Next movie, I want to see the two main robots go for a rematch. Then I want to see Mr. Robo-T show up. Then in “Real Steel IV,” I want to see the robot go fight in Russia. The maybe have the robot retire to the streets and teach an ungrateful punk how to fight, only to return to robot boxing in a “twenty years later” sequel. There’s so many possibilities for this franchise to have so little possibilities!

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