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It’s taken me forever, but I’m finally back in the animation field. And this time, it’s at a real animation company. Not like that other place where I got hired just because I knew which button made a cube.

I started work Monday at Nerd Corps Entertainment here in Vancouver. Nerd Corps is famous for their Saturday morning cartoons, including “Dragon Booster”, “Storm Hawks”, and “League of Super Evil”. I’ve been watching these shows for years, and have been applying to this company for just as long, so I’m stoked to be a part of their new project. It’s been really exciting getting acquainted with the studio environment and I frequently find myself more and more eager to wake up in the morning just so I can go back to work. As for what I’m working on… well, I’ll let you know when we get the trailer online. But I can say this much: it’s going to rock.

So if you notice me slacking on Ducktalez or anything else I’ve been promising, this is why. I’ll get back on my other projects eventually. Always do. Until then, I’m off to do what I love.

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