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Teenage Mutant Gangnam Style

So my friend Amy writes me up and not only tells me she has the best idea for a music video ever, but that I’m the only person who can make it happen. And then it turns out she does have the best idea ever. Half an hour later, this exists.

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Slugterra Premieres on Disney XD!

Looks like we’re on the air! Nerdcorps’ new show “Slugterra” is hitting the network tomorrow. It’s been three months since I started on the show and it’s been a blast. While none of my work will start appearing until episode 13 (or sooner, considering we’re using episode 9 as the pilot), the show is still fun to watch. It’s basically Pokemon, except they ride mecha-beasts and use the cute little critters as ammunition. WHICH IS AWESOME. AND TOTALLY INCONVENIENT. BUT STILL AWESOME. I can’t wait for the toy line to start coming out. It’s going to be a Slugterra Christmas for my family and friends. Nerf guns and slug plushies all around!

Here’s the trailer for the pilot episode:

And here’s the show’s opening sequence. The words to the theme song are very easy to memorize.

Look at those little dudes fly! I wish I had a gun that punched people.

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Movie Reviews: June-Aug ’12

Snow White and the Huntsman
What is it?: A modernized re-telling of the Snow White story for girls aged 14-15. Actually, it wouldn’t be half-bad if Snow White had been re-cast. A lot of things were very well done, but the skinny shadow of Kristin Stewart’s presence seems to loom over everything. It’s like she’s trapped in an episode of “Quantum Leap” where she’s an outsider trapped in a fairy tale and the only way to leap back home is to stand around until the end credits. Maybe she’s confusing staging for acting?
Guess how this movie ends?: With Kristin Stewart failing to smile. I kid you not, the second-to-last shot in the movie is a close-up of her face as she slowly raises the corners of her mouth, quivers a little, and then gives up. I wish I was making this up. Actually, wait – no. I don’t. It hammers home the point so perfectly.
Quantum Leap Movie?: Want!!!

What is it?: It’s “Family Guy” as a live-action movie, cut-away gags and all. Pretty damn good too. I had reservations about Seth MacFarlane doing anything else ever after the fourth season of Family Guy (along with his innumerable spin-off shows), but I’ve somehow wound up seeing this movie in theaters twice already and enjoyed it just as much the second time. The scenes with the hooker poop never cease to make me laugh.
Should Seth MacFarlane continue making movies?: Ha ha ha! Absolutely not! I saw what happens when you give this guy too much power. Bring him back for “Hellboy 3”, but otherwise, this is one of those “make him quit while he’s ahead” things. (Seriously! Do not let him sign any more contracts!)

The Dark Knight Rises
Auuugggghhhhh…: I was not looking forward to reviewing this one.
Over-Hyped?: A little. But it’s really the film’s vibe that didn’t hook me. It doesn’t feel like a Batman movie. Batman is very out-of-character and wastes way too much time in self-doubt. In all fairness, I was more invested in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Blake throughout the film. Here he is, a renegade cop running around trying to bring order to chaos in a city under siege. It’s like a “Die Hard” movie with a side-plot about Batman being sad. Blake on his own could have carried the whole movie without it needing the Batman brand.
Where it loses me: It’s too much of an adult movie. There’s no fist-pump “Go Batman!” moments. No cinematic magic that really brings out the inner child. It’s more about politics, society and symbolism – you know, the kind of stuff children love being taken to the movies for. This is a rare instance where instead of raping my childhood, Hollywood is instead kicking my childhood out of the house and telling it to grow up and get a job.

What is it?: Another movie that should have been GREAT. Visually, it looks amazing, and I was hooked on learning what all the universe’s big mysteries were from the way the film sets itself up. And then at the end… it’s like they switched over to the alternate ending.
In regards to the ending: I’d like to see a sci-fi movie like this where they talk to the alien, and then the alien talks back. The last twenty minutes of the film suddenly turn into “Cowboys and Aliens” where the stakes unnecessarily sky-rocket for the sake of having an explosive climax. This is sad, because everything before that point was engaging enough without resorting to a “save the world” scenario. It’s like “I Am Legend” all over again where the better ending is probably going to turn up on the Blu-Ray release.

The Amazing Spider-Man
What is it?: It’s the same movie as the first. Only with a different cast, non-organic web-slingers, and a different villain. Totally worth rebooting the franchise for. Although I’m sure anyone unfamiliar with the comics will be left scratching their heads as to why Peter is now dating the blonde from the third movie instead of the redhead.
Is it a dark, realistic reboot?: No. It isn’t. In fact, if anything, this movie shows us how right Sam Raimi’s version was to begin with. When they try to remove the cartoony moments, they only end up coming up with new cartoony moments. The hammy dialogue has been replaced with more hammy dialogue. They even remembered to bring back Emo Spider-Man from the third movie. The only thing they really force down our throats is the family drama, and you can imagine how well that goes.
So if it’s the same, you like it then?: Nope. I don’t think anybody in the production did. Just looking at the actors perform, you can tell the kid playing Spidey keeps trying to push Tobey Maguire out of his mind. The whole cast looks to be carrying that same burden. They know it’s too soon for a reboot, yet here they are pretending the corpse isn’t still warm. And ultimately, this reboot adds nothing to the franchise. We’re back to square one until the next reboot.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
What is it?: Old British people in India! Hijinks ahoy! Independent dramatic comedy! Professor McGonagall as an old racist lady! Hurray!
This isn’t your normal kind of movie…: It is when I’m trying to impress a girl. With big boobies. Who only watches independent movies. And spends more time tweeting than looking me in the eye when we’re chatting over dinner. Needless to say, I was unimpressed.
With the movie?: What? – No! The movie was great. A feel-good film and so on. But yeah, I think I’m going to make it a point not to date anyone who refuses to see “The Avengers”.

John Carter
So I gave the rental system on my PS3 a test-run and this was my first film digitally rented. It took about four hours to download, meaning I couldn’t even stream it as I watched, so I’ll have to plan ahead next time I want to rent anything. But it’s actually a decent action-adventure. I recommend it as a some good pulp sci-fi. They’re definitely trying to bank on Avatar with it, so take that with a grain of salt.

The Hunger Games
My second digital rental! Pretty much “Battle Royale” meets “The Running Man” with a light dash of “Twilight”. It’s actually really good. “Twilight” is so much better when it’s about televising young children slaughtering each other.

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