Brand new look, same old crap

After a full month of no updates, I’ve finally taken it upon myself to switch servers, get rid of some old crap, and give the site a fresh coat of paint. So with any luck, this should reasonably look like a somewhat professional site and not the half-assed imitation blog that I had before.

Some of the new features to the site now include the obvious blog template I’ve installed. Instead of linking everyone to the forums for comments, you can just leave them anywhere (including on the cartoons.) And the Archie captions now run on comments too because I’ve gotten tired of Photoshopping everyone’s individual submissions. The Videos and Cartoons are all neatly categorized, and what else, what else…? I guess there’s a bunch of links and blogrolls on the side to replace my link page.

Oh – and if you want a REAL update, head on over to the Videos section and check out the “Drunk on Power” shorts. For anyone who’s been wondering how Terrence pulls his weight around here, look no further. He and Jayme have been working these videos for the last several months and now they’re here for your viewing pleasure.

Things you’ll notice are missing: Artwork, Fan Stuff, and FAQ. I’m leaving the old Photoshop page up, but most updates to that will be filed away through the blog. Also, I can’t figure out how to make the cat meow through this template, but on the bright side, I’m actually using a picture of my own cat this time.

So this is the new place. Have a look around. Beer’s in the fridge.

October 11 2007 11:22 pm | Daily Life, Geek Talk

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  1. Pstonie on 12 Oct 2007 at 10:08 pm #

    *sets homeless person loose inside*

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