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Look at dis cake I made

For my brother’s birthday. If you go back several weeks into my posts, you can find the video it references. They messed up on the cake, though. I had a nice Photoshopped image lined up and they scrapped it and just tried painting it on instead. As a result, Baman’s shirt is now pink.

Also, for kicks, I re-uploaded my old Happy Birthday, Unca Scrooge cartoon on YouTube. Go watch it!

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Baman and Piderman Escape Da Cakes

Terrence showed me these things back in December and I told him I was going to front-page one of them immediately. Here we are three months later.

March 25 2010 | Cakes, Cartoons, Humor, Videos | 1 Comment »

Archive: Party Cat Cake

February 07 2010 | Awesomeness, Cakes, Comics, Daily Life, Food | 1 Comment »

Happy Birthday, Brittany!

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

I enjoy designing cakes.

I also made this other one for Terrence’s birthday in May, but forgot to post it up here for some unsung reason.

Charliiiiiiiiiieeeee.... Charliiiiiiiieeeee.....

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