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Simon’s Cat: “Santa Claws”

I love these things.

December 16 2010 | Cartoons, Humor, Videos | 1 Comment »

DBZ Abridged, Ep. 16: Vam qan Namek

“Gather the rest of the Dragon Balls and wish for a plasma TV!”

July 06 2010 | Cartoons, Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | No Comments »

Adrian Brody’s Best Day Ever

Today’s video is the latest from Neil Ciciergera (no, I can’t pronounce that.) Neil is the mastermind behind such creations as the Potter Puppet Pals and got his big breakthrough years ago on Newgrounds with his cult classic “Hyakugojyuuichi!!” A lot of his work just doesn’t make sense, and as someone who can make disembodied Kermit heads sing REM songs, I respect him for that. But this new one kind of breaks borders on how epically awesome 4 minutes of nonsense can get as we follow Adrian Brody’s journey from waking up to evolving into the new god of the universe. Also, the music is very catchy and it’s been stuck in my head all morning.

June 02 2010 | Awesomeness, Cartoons, Killing Time, Music, Videos | No Comments »

Look at dis cake I made

For my brother’s birthday. If you go back several weeks into my posts, you can find the video it references. They messed up on the cake, though. I had a nice Photoshopped image lined up and they scrapped it and just tried painting it on instead. As a result, Baman’s shirt is now pink.

Also, for kicks, I re-uploaded my old Happy Birthday, Unca Scrooge cartoon on YouTube. Go watch it!

May 27 2010 | Cakes, Cartoons, Videos | No Comments »

Cat Slap

Sometimes simplicity can be a beautiful thing. Five years from now, this will be me and my cat.

May 18 2010 | Awesomeness, Cartoons, Pets, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 2 Comments »

Ducktalez is “the greatest movie!”

Somebody on Newgrounds kindly pointed that “Ducktalez: The Motion Picture” has been dubbed by the on-site engine as top search result for “THE GREATEST MOVIE.” I like to think this places me in at least the Top 100 bracket of best things to get linked from on a search engine (Maddox’s “Safety Tips for Safe Kids” still earns Google’s top spot for “Best Page in the Universe.”)

While this doesn’t count Ducktalez as “the greatest movie ever,” I’ve just made a similar update on the NG page which might change that. Next stop, the WORLD!

May 03 2010 | Awesomeness, Cartoons, Daily Life, Stuff I Made | 1 Comment »

Finally blogging about DBZ Abridged

I’ve been been putting this one off for way too long – probably because I’ve been hyping it up so much off-line – but here it is. One of my absolute favorite internet things (second only to a UPS Dinosaur): TeamFourStar’s “Dragonball Z Abridged.” If you were ever a fan of “Dragonball Z” or even someone who wanted to know the story without having to sit through dozens of filler episodes, this is the show to watch.

What started out as a bunch of random nonsense put together by fans has evolved into one of the better comedy series on the internet. Their original 10-episode run transforms the entire first season into a 90-minute movie parody, complete with running gags, in-jokes, and quotes you’ll try to work into your daily vocabulary (Mr. Popo and Nappa are now my personal heroes.) It’s so well-handled, in fact, that I actually downloaded all the episodes, re-edited them into a single uninterrupted movie, burned them onto DVD, and showed it to my friends – most of whom asked for their own copies.

I can’t say it’s for everybody. It helps to know a little about the original series and characters first, and they do have their off-episodes where they fall back too much on their own in-jokes. But I would ultimately compare it to “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” or “Airplane.” It’s just as funny, quotable and equally outshines the source material. Not bad for a bunch of guys who don’t even use their real names.

You can view all their episodes directly on their site. And T, if you want to catch up on Season 2, check out Episodes 11, 12, 13, and 14. I know a bunch of my friends like to keep up on these as well, so I’ll probably post updates whenever a new one is out (like I did with Dr. Horrible, only these ones will just keep coming.)

I’ll leave you all with the episode me and Brittany watched last night. This one features a space duck and somebody’s quest for blueberry muffins.

May 02 2010 | Awesomeness, Cartoons, Humor, Movies, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 5 Comments »

King’s Quest 2 Made Easy!

I made a new one!

King Graham returns in an all-new adventure! What perils await him in this new world? Will he ever find true love? Who dares to stand in his way? These questions (and more!) are soon to be answered!

April 23 2010 | Cartoons, Humor, Stuff I Made, Video Games, Videos | No Comments »

8-Bit Dr. Horrible (Act 1)

This fellow by the name of Doctor Octoroc has just finished putting together a 8-Bit recreation of Act 1 of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” I find this to be on a whole new level of awesome, but you’d be better off watching the actual show first before jumping in on this. I’ll see about posting the next acts as they come along.

April 07 2010 | Awesomeness, Cartoons, Music, Stuff Other People Made, Video Games, Videos | No Comments »

Baman and Piderman Escape Da Cakes

Terrence showed me these things back in December and I told him I was going to front-page one of them immediately. Here we are three months later.

March 25 2010 | Cakes, Cartoons, Humor, Videos | 1 Comment »

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