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Archive: Party Cat Cake

February 07 2010 | Awesomeness, Cakes, Comics, Daily Life, Food | 1 Comment »

Archive: Party Cat

These always brighten up my day. They’re six of my favorite web-comics written by my favorite web-comic artist, and turned into videos by a fan.
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Pookie Lives!

This one’s for Amie! I couldn’t find a Pookie comic on the actual “Garfield Minus Garfield” site, so I just made one of my own.

Happy Birthday, Amie! And Happy Engagement too! And Happy Housewarming! And Happy Civic Holiday!

July 22 2009 | Comics | 3 Comments »

Sam and Max: Freelance Police Sketch

Terrence sent me this picture last night. It’s quite possibly one of the greatest things I have ever seen and has already become my new desktop, avatar, profile pic, and MSN face. Kudos to whomever drew it.

If I ever get a dog, I will name it Sam and get a rabbit named Max to go with it.

Ah, good times.

January 10 2009 | Comics, Geek Talk | 4 Comments »

Story of my Life

Courtesy of the forever-immortal Nedroid:

October 16 2008 | Comics, Humor, Killing Time | 1 Comment »

Dilbert’s a Jerk Comics

After the flying high success (?) of my previous entries “Hungry Hungry Dilbert” and “Dilbert Poops,” I now present my new line of Dilbert comics. Enjoy!

That last one is awesome because Dilbert’s not only a jerk in it, he also eats and poops. Also, the website is now letting me rewrite entire strips.

I wasn’t sure what to categorize this next one under, but no sense letting it go to waste.

July 29 2008 | Comics, Humor | No Comments »

Dilbert Poops Comics

All right – we’ve already done comics about Dilbert eating. Now we’re going to do comics about Dilbert making poop jokes.

June 04 2008 | Comics, Humor | No Comments »

Hungry Hungy Dilbert Comics #1 has this thing where they remove the text from the last panel of every daily Dilbert strip and let you submit your own punchline to prove you’re funnier than Scott Adams. I’ve been messing with that and making my own mash-ups lately, so thought I might share them with you.

Ever wondered what it might be like if Dilbert and his friends just ate stuff instead of delivering punchlines? I know I have. And thus, without further ado, I proudly present Hungry Hungry Dilbert Comics!

(Get it? The joke is that they eat things.)

May 20 2008 | Comics | No Comments »

I scare children.

I was pushing the button for my elevator this morning when a couple of my neighbors showed up. One was a middle-aged old woman and the other was her little five year old son. We said our good mornings and then the elevators doors opened. I was the closest to the door so I went in first, but as soon as I did, the kid stood frozen in his shoes and refused to follow his mother inside. We gave the kid a moment, but after waiting too long, the doors started closing again. So I stepped forward to block the doors from closing and that’s when the kid completely freaked out.

There I was, a creepy stranger with a black backpack standing in front of an elevator door with a crying child just five feet away from me. Finally, I step out of the elevator and tell the lady I’ll catch the next one down. But no sooner do I step out than the kid screams bloody murder, pulls free of his mother’s grasp and races back to his room crying. So I cave in and take the elevator myself.

It’s one of those mornings.

May 14 2008 | Comics, Daily Life | 2 Comments »

Funner should be a word.

Just have to get this off my chest.

It’s seems like at one point in anyone’s life, a person is going to use the word “funner” – and be promptly reminded by someone that “funner is not a word.” Who decided “funner” isn’t a word? It’s like when they were writing adjectives for the English dictionary, they happened to gloss over the page with “fun” on it. Then one day, someone accidentally says the word, thinks it sound odd, and checks out the dictionary only to find out they’ve sinned against the almighty Word Bird.

In today’s age of Lol, Omg, and Roflmfao, you’d think the Webster’s people might get off their butts and try to invent some new words to appeal to the younger crowd. You know – just to remind them that speaking proper English can still be cool. If they can add Homer Simpson’s “D’oh!” to the dictionary, it’s clear we’re not finished inventing the English language just yet.

Think I’ll switch back to thinking nice thoughts now.

May 07 2008 | Comics, Daily Life | 6 Comments »