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Vohaul Strikes Back: The Official Release!

You better believe it’s real this time.

It’s a game ten years in the making, and follows 16 years after the cancellation of the original Space Quest series. And out of the dozens of Sierra fan-games made over the years, it’s the first actual full-length sequel (TSL doesn’t count because episode 5 isn’t finished yet. So we win!)

In this game, you help space janitor Roger Wilco sort out another bad case of his girlfriend, the planet, and the galaxy needing saving. Along the way, he learns some very important life lessons, escapes death-defying situations and makes some hairy new friends. It’s loaded with clever puzzles, tons of original characters, over a hundred beautifully-painted backgrounds, awesome music, hilarious dialogue, and lots of half-assed Flash animation from myself. Also: monkeys.

Click here to go download it now!

In the following weeks, expect to hear a lot more Space Quest-related news from me. In the last six years, this has been one of the top three things to eat up all my time and it’s FINALLY DONE. I’m in a self-promoting mood right now, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for any positive reviews or mentions on popular sites. Not to mention VSB is just the beginning when I consider what’s around the corner…


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Box of Nativity 2010 – Take Two

This Boxing Day, my cousin brought her kids over for a family get-together. My littlest cousin/nephew/nephew-cousin Austin brought along his new Optimus Prime toy, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to borrow it and update my nativity set with something that wasn’t a cardboard cut-out.

And then Austin put a cowboy hat on it.

“You’re my favorite deputy!”

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TFS: Christmas Tree of Might

I think I’ve found a new holiday tradition alongside watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” – watching Team Four-Star’s new special: “Christmas Tree of Might.” Something about it just keeps me laughing while filling me with Christmas cheer. Also, figgy pudding FTW.

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Box of Nativity ‘10

Optimus Prime Nativity

I really wanted to include Optimus Prime into this year’s nativity, but, man – he doesn’t sell cheap on eBay or any toy store. And the toy stores only carry the Primes from the new cartoons (which don’t look anything like him and are twice the size of the nativity set.) Fortunately, through the magic of a printer, an X-acto blade, and some cardboard, the Autobot leader is now free to join our ninja friend as he defends baby Jesus from Decepticon attack.

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An Epic Costume of Epic Epicness

I really wish I had the time, energy, and resources to devote to my Halloween costumes that my friend Michaela has. I mean, I saw someone dressed up as a Domokun as a Halloween party last night, and it’s still nothing compared to what she has assembled in her little apartment. Doctor Who fans, prepare to worship your new Dalek overlord… Schroedinger!

I would really love to see a video of her costume in action, because I can’t imagine the trouble she went through to travel around in that. Hit the above link to visit her site and read more about it.

Ack! Double geek-out! Directly behind the Dalek is a picture of a fictional marine animal I drew for her. Now I feel involved! 😀

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The Nightmare before St. Patrick’s

Okay, so I’m three days late with this one. But I still like it.

I have to give props to the creators. I’ve seen “Robot Chicken” try their hand at Nightmare parodies, and they didn’t even put in a fraction of the effort that these people did.

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Archive: Box of Nativity ’09

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Request Remix #2

I made one these over the holiday break for 16 people. Enjoy!

Box of Mystery: Request Remix #2

I think I’ve lost the ability to know how to relax. If those last couple weeks counted as a vacation, then I’m really happy to get back to work.

I hear vacation and think of spending all day in a hammock on a beach with a hula girl serving me pina coladas. Everyone else hears vacation and suddenly we need to organize family get-togethers. Hours are spent cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, running errands, picking up people, and driving across the city multiple times with big trailer trucks kicking snow into my windshield during the dark hours. On top of that, I need to meet a tight deadline at work, so a lot of time is spent stepping back into the office trying to tie up loose ends.

Don’t get me wrong – playing on my brother’s Rock Band was awesome, supper at Red Robin, Dim Sum, and Chili’s was awesome, I found out that Zac Efron movies are much less painful than everyone else makes them out to be, and New Year’s was spent playing some awesome games of Cranium and Mario Party on DS. We even had a second Christmas because T missed the first one.

This is probably touching down on stating the obvious, but the holiday season is clearly ground zero for the war on stress. I’ve got every reason to celebrate and lift my spirits, but at the same time, I have to kill myself trying to make it all possible. It’s like playing tug-of-war, only I’m the rope.

It’s Monday. I’m back to work. Still stressed, but at least I can look forward to consistency again. That and playing Lego Batman when I get home.

Oh, yeah – and I managed to get all the chapter 4 backgrounds for my game done over the weekend. I rock.

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Totoro Pumpkin!

My co-worker, Dave, made this for the office pumpkin carving contest. No, it’s not a Pokemon. It’s a Totoro – a mythical forest spirit who likes to take little girls on rides in his magic catbus. For more information on the Totoro, visit your local library or just check out this Wikipedia page.

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