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Complimenting Strangers!

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Life is Ruff!

Given a lot of my present day behavior, there’s the distinct possibility that I was a dog in a past life. Just a few things I’ve noticed about my habits to give me this impression:

Signs that eating chocolate may kill me someday

– I’ll eat and drink whatever is put in front of me without any sense of moderation and chew on anything that gets within a few inches of my mouth.

– I’ll often wake up on top of the covers and curled up at the foot of my bed.

– I’ve been known to chase cats on occasion.

– I can hear dog whistles.

– My eyebrows make up 90% of my body language (they have to work overtime since I can’t wag my tail.)

– When people are sad, my first instinct is to put my head on their lap and listen to their problems (only applies to women, and they probably think the lap thing is creepy.)

– When people are angry, my first instinct is to go into the other room confused and hang my head until they stop being angry.

– When people are happy, my first instinct is to sit near the happiest people/women and let them lavish attention upon me.

– I often fantasize about being Scooby-Doo in a Daphne-Velma sandwich (okay, I made that one up – but I DID put a mental picture in your head.)

– Rub me the right way, and I’ll be your loyal-to-the-end best friend forever.

Of course, a lot of my behavior can still be attributed to other possible past animal lives. My habit to spend time on the couch and smell things could have been picked up from being a cat. Other times, I’ll perch on something like a vulture and scare the crap out of everybody. Then there’s my overwhelming desire to reign destruction down upon mankind and enslave the human race, which I guess makes me either a dragon or an incredibly kick-ass unicorn.

You can hit me with a newspaper for that terribly lame dog pun in the post title now.

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Thoughts on Thoughts

What really annoys me about internet debates is how inflexible some people are about their stances on things. Doesn’t matter what the topic is – science, religion, democrats, republicans, spaghetti, milk – there’s no grey area for some people. They’d rather sound like an idiot than admit to being wrong.

All truth is contemporary. We live with what we know today, and live with the knowledge of tomorrow when it comes. What many people debate over isn’t the truth, or even the quest for truth. They just want that high that comes with being agreed with.

BILLY: This is my opinion.
SKITTLES: Your opinion is not the same as my opinion. Therefore, you are an idiot.
BILLY: Everyone knows my opinion is the right one. Kneel before me.
SKITTLES: No, anybody with a brain knows my opinion is the right one.
BILLY: Here are scientific facts to back up my opinion.
SKITTLES: Here are better scientific facts to back up MY opinion.
BILLY: Your scientific facts are stupid because they support the wrong opinion.
SKITTLES: Your scientific facts are wrong because you got them from a website I don’t like.
User Melvin has been banned.

Better to be wrong first and right later than the other way around.

That’s just my opinion, though.

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