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The Adventures of Spider-man and Scary Face

The short of everything: started Term 4, computer virus killed half my computer and almost destroyed my game, and my roommate’s mom filled our fridge with two weeks’ worth of leftovers that we can’t get through fast enough.

Here’s some special effects I made back in Term 3. Enjoy!

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Term 2 is finished!

So I completed two solid months of homework, I’m staying on top of VSB, I’m juggling classes, weddings, dates, movie outings, video games, appointments, shopping trips, workshops and family togethers, and I even got to see a few firework shows and some otters. I think I’ve got this time management thing down pretty good.

(And yes, that’s me being chased down the stairs by Perry the Platypus.)

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Some School Stuff I Made

More to come soon as Term 1 comes to an end. It’s nice that video editing is actually a class in this school. It’s also nice that Student Resources gives me 24/7 access to Wacom tablets so I can get in some practice.

That last one is a caricature of my Animation History teacher. It was an odd assignment, but I’m assuming he’s collecting caricatures from us so he can show them off if we become famous.

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