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New Game: Late Last Nite!

A group of us teamed up to make a game for 2015’s AdventureJam. It’s a comedy about a girl retracing her steps through a series of bizarre fantasy worlds in search of a few things she dropped. The development team consists of myself (as lead animator and background artist) with fellow adventurers and developers including Jess Morrisette, Gareth Millward, and Troels Pleimert (concept and design), Natalie Juhasz (art), and SQInc co-developers, Akril (programming, art) and Frederik Olsen (music).

It’s free-to-play, so come check it out at GameJolt and leave a review! Hopefully, we can do a special edition soon…


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Weird Al News: Mandatory Fun!

There’s something about a new Weird Al album that makes me want to get off my butt and update.

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SQ: Incinerations w/ Commentary

Yesterday, Troels Pleimert assembled the leading crew from SQInc together (myself, Frede, and Akril) to create the commentary for SQInc. Here’s the game in its four-hour time-span while we chat through it. Also includes concept art, and mayhaps, a sneak preview for something else I’m working on…

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Slugterra Premieres on Disney XD!

Looks like we’re on the air! Nerdcorps’ new show “Slugterra” is hitting the network tomorrow. It’s been three months since I started on the show and it’s been a blast. While none of my work will start appearing until episode 13 (or sooner, considering we’re using episode 9 as the pilot), the show is still fun to watch. It’s basically Pokemon, except they ride mecha-beasts and use the cute little critters as ammunition. WHICH IS AWESOME. AND TOTALLY INCONVENIENT. BUT STILL AWESOME. I can’t wait for the toy line to start coming out. It’s going to be a Slugterra Christmas for my family and friends. Nerf guns and slug plushies all around!

Here’s the trailer for the pilot episode:

And here’s the show’s opening sequence. The words to the theme song are very easy to memorize.

Look at those little dudes fly! I wish I had a gun that punched people.

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DBZ Abridged: The Final Cut

These has been out for the last couple weeks: the final episodes showcasing the showdown between Goku and Freeza. Last season, I created a “DBZ Abridged Abridged” movie for DVD, and I’m doing the same thing for this season, but it’s not as easy since all of season 2 is nearly four hours in length. With careful editing and nickel-and-diming the more excessive dialogue, I’ve brought it down to about a two and a half hour long movie (which I’ll see about making available at some point), but most of the gold is still found in TeamFourStar’s complete episodes. Enjoy the finale!

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SpaceVenture Kickstarter

So… to follow up from the previous “the Two Guys have reunited” announcement, they’ve now got their own Kickstarter going for the new game. Personally, I’m already very excited for this one as they’ve not only got Gary Owens onboard, but also Paul Robson (Yakko from Animaniacs), Robert Clotworthy (Raynor from Starcraft), John Lowrie (Sniper from TF2), and Ellen McLain (GLaDOS from Portal) all providing voices. Not to mention they’re already in talks with Supertramp legend Bob Siebenberg to return and score the game. This is shaping up to be one of the more exciting Kickstarter projects.

The game promises to be in the style of Space Quest, with the same brand of humor, tons of the usual deaths, and with more modern sci-fi references. So check out their Kickstarter video and go give them a few hundred dollars.

(I swear, that animated intro looks so familiar…)

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Some Batman-y Goodness

In honor of our animation teacher who came in with a hoarse throat today, here’s the Batman videos we’ve been tormenting him with.

“It’s a helicopter!”

“Penguin’s got a new credit card!”

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Silver Lining Episode 4 out!

I’m a little slow on the draw with this one.

It took me a week after it came out before I realized it was finished, it took me another week to actually play it, and another couple weeks before I got around to updating my site with it. VSB and SQInc have been keeping me rather busy.

This new episode is about as puzzle-filled and drama-ridden as Episode 3. Probably more-so since it contains two of the most aggravating puzzles since “King’s Quest 3.” Otherwise, it’s of decent length (took me about 8 hours to finish) and you finally get to explore all the islands. But I must persist – if you plan on playing this, choose “EASY” over “NORMAL” when the dreaded box puzzle comes.

Some of my larger animated cut-scenes are featured in this episode. The acid trip sequence at the end? Totally my baby. And I do quite a terrible job voicing Pan.

You can download it HERE or just watch the trailer right here.

“Tis in my Memory Licked.” Heh heh.

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Crazy Duck in Space!

Truth be told, I haven’t even started writing “Ducktalez 7” yet. But in the meantime, here’s a guy who wrote lyrics for the moon theme in the Ducktales Nintendo game. It’s pretty awesome.

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Egawds! One of my brothers is married!

At long last, it’s over. I just flew back in from Edmonton last night, my brother’s married, I’ve got a couple new sister-in-laws, and Term 3 is now beginning. There was this crazy misadventure in which the airport lost my luggage, and at least two people’s cars broke down resulting in my brother being late to both his rehearsal and reception. But then there was also an awesome limo ride, a fine Ukrainian meal, and I got access to a karaoke machine for a better part of the night. So all in all, a good weekend.

And Brittany, even though you’re at Disneyland, I have an additional wedding present for you. You will laugh.

Ooh. And here’s an additional video I just remembered starring the happy couple from way before their marriage, back when the worst thing in their lives was Jayme eating crackers:

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