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DBZ Abridged 24: The Best Laid Plans

“First immortality… then the bitches.”

Comedy gold, this episode is.

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DBZ Abridged 23: Grand Theft Goku

“Clever girl.”

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DBZ Abridged 22 – The Good, The Bad, and the Purple

I can’t even decide on a quote to post from this episode. Guru’s hogging all the best one-liners now.

April 19 2011 | Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 1 Comment »

Partyin’, Partyin’, YEAH!

I’m sorry, internet, but you can’t throw a video like this at me and expect me to stay quiet about it. It’s just not feasible. I have to say something.

The video in question is Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Chances are, you’re sick of hearing about it already. If this is your first time hearing about it, I have posted her video right here. Watching it is completely optional because the song has been known to make some people’s ears bleed.

Me on the other hand… I love this song to death. For reasons explained later.

Now the major dealie going on is that people are unanimously calling this “the worst song ever written.” I refuse to agree with that statment because this song doesn’t contain any instances of the word “slizzered,” and I refuse to acknowledge that Katy Perry’s “Firework” or Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” are acceptable alternatives.

What I like about this song is that Rebecca Black has unwittingly written what could otherwise be considered the perfect satirical take on modern pop music. All the worst of cliches are in here – the auto-tuned voice, the pointless rap sequence, the “party all the time” mentality, and best of all, the lack of lyrical symbolism, where she’s literally singing about eating cereal and wondering where in the car she’ll sit. I can’t listen to this song with a straight face. I just have a big dumb grin through the whole thing. I want to live in her world and follow her around and watch what she says about everyday things, like “Look, there’s a mailbox. The mailman puts the mail in the mailbox. That’s how we get our mail.” Awesome.

Now granted, she’s 13, and I blame both her parents and the record company for any pain she’s suffered at the hands of this song. I mean, come on – putting your 13 year old daughter in the position of becoming the laughing stock of the internet should be considered child abuse. They had every chance to stop this before it started – all they had to do was tell Rebecca “we’ll get you some singing lessons and find you a better writer” before deciding she needed her own label.

But the interesting thing about seeing someone so young write a song like this is seeing what kind of musical influence is going into children these days. Everything about this song seems like a parody of Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and The Black-Eyed Peas – only it’s meant to be an homage. She has picked up on the worst of everything and turned it into inspiration. Much like how The Black-Eyed Peas used to rhyme the days of the week with the other days of the week, Rebecca Black has taken it one step further: she explains that Sunday comes after Saturday, which comes after Friday. Something about that makes me clap my hands like a seal, and yet dread what kind of music we’ll be hearing throughout the next decade.

So, yes, it’s a terrible song, but it’s just so bad that it’s good. For a song that has no poetic craft, it’s open to so many interpretations. It’s a statement about music, about society, about children, about fame – you can turn it into a statement about everything in life except… ironically… parties. We learn nothing new about parties from this song.

Interesting things happen in life. This was one of them.

March 22 2011 | Awesomeness, Music, Music Videos, Pop Culture, Stuff Other People Made, Stupidity | 7 Comments »

King’s Quest 3 Remake Released!

So what is it with February and King’s Quest games?

A couple weeks back, Episode 3 of “The Silver Lining” was released, and on the same day, Telltale Games buys up the rights to the “King’s Quest” franchise with plans to reboot the series in episodic format. So there’s two instances of KQ news right there.

Then on the 23rd, another independent fan community called AGD Interactive (responsible for creating the fan-remakes of KQ1, KQ2, and Quest for Glory 2) out and released their VGA remake of “King’s Quest 3.” For a game series that was otherwise considered dead back in 1995, we’re seeing a lot of life getting pumped into it this month.

I just playing the new KQ3 remake, and it’s pretty darn amazing. Back in the day, I remember this game driving me insane for having the most notorious opening puzzle ever, and it’s still as maddening as ever. The idea is that you’re a slave to a wizard, and that whenever he’s home, you have to do your chores and stay inconspicuous. But as soon as he goes on a trip, you have to escape the house, run around collecting ingredients, and use them to cast a spell to defeat him with. And you always had 20 minutes before he came home, in which time you’d have to hurry home and hide all your stuff. Then you’d have to wait for him to leave before continuing. It’s the same in the remake, except now you have about ten minutes, and the timer flashes yellow and red, adding to the panic of the situation. It’s pretty awesome. Not for the faint of heart or beginner adventure gamers.

On top of that, they’ve added several new puzzles, locations, and characters. So just when you think you know the original game well-enough to beat it, this one finds new ways to throw you for a loop.

It’s also very beautifully animated with a great soundtrack and semi-professional voice acting. Josh Mandel even returns to voice King Graham. And I can’t help but notice how the death music sounds suspiciously a lot like the theme to “Inspector Gadget.” Maybe it’s a coincidence, but either way it works.

I really have to hand it to AGDI – they know how to make games, and more importantly, they know how to finish them. I have to wonder what it is with the “King’s Quest” series and how KQ fan-games actually seem to get completed. Over the years, dozens of “Space Quest” projects started up, and they’re either all canceled or still in development. In any case, this is a good reminder to get my butt in gear.

February 27 2011 | Stuff Other People Made, Video Games | 3 Comments »

DBZ Abridged: Episode 21

Muffin button.

February 25 2011 | Stuff Other People Made, Videos | No Comments »

DBZ Abridged Ep. 19: 到着を恐怖!! 敬礼, ギニュー特戦隊!!

“Space dingo ate my space baby!”

The humor in this episode is kind of random. But at least they steered away from all the obvious Ginyu Force jokes.

EDIT: The video was removed on copyright violation, but you can still watch their stuff on

November 03 2010 | Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 4 Comments »

DBZ Abridged Ep. 17: A Lovely Bunch of Dragonballs

“Kill it with fire!!!”

August 16 2010 | Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 1 Comment »

Brick + Washing Machine = No!

Here’s a video of someone throwing a brick into a washing machine. It’s really popular, and may be a sign that the internet is reaching it’s end. Remember when dancing hamsters used to amuse us? Times have changed. Fast-forward to 50 seconds in for the good stuff.

And now that you’ve seen that, here’s a shorter version where the washing machine has a face.

August 06 2010 | Killing Time, Stuff Other People Made, Stupidity, Videos | 2 Comments »

Potter Puppet Pals Returns!

I was surprised at how for the last few years, Neil Cicierega never cashed in on his Potter Puppet Pal fame, then just yesterday, after years of barely giving the public the Puppet Pals they demand, he opens an exclusive channel for it. These episodes look to be a lot shorter and more frequent, so this is either an awesome thing, or the first step towards Potter Puppet Pals losing their edge, selling out, and ending up another Smosh. In any case, the new videos still make me laugh, so if you’re a fan, you can subscribe here.

July 29 2010 | Awesomeness, Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 3 Comments »

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