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“But they’re my only pants!”

Here’s some work I did for our upcoming Slugterra movie, “Slug Fu Showdown”. I’m especially proud of this one because making a turtle eat pants is one of those things I can’t wait to put on a resume.

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Last Day at VFS

I’m sitting at my computer in school right now, enjoying this comfy chair in my final hours before handing in my door card and re-entering the status of unemployed bum. It’s been a long, crazy year and hopefully it won’t be a long, crazy time before the employers start calling. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime, enjoy the last couple exercises I worked on. My final project will be up later within a month once the sound guy is finished with it.

Also, be sure to check out my new portfolio site at It’s got my complete demo reel, an extended gallery, and a rough version of my final project “Wasabi Guy” if you can’t wait another month for it.

In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite pictures from this past school year of the whole animation class (all three of us).

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VFS Stuff: The Baseball Game of Death

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just went through a whole month without internet, and then got swamped for another couple of weeks with schoolwork and Space Quest-y stuff. But now I’ve got some videos from school coming. This first one was our Term 3 assignment which involved combining a baseball game with lip-syncing.

And as a bonus: the same thing in live-action:

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So he’s a robot. Who knew?

Barack Obama’s amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

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Flippin’ Semis

Just for fun, here’s a movie montage I made of trucks get flipped, destroyed, and driven off cliffs. Enjoy!

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Glub is a Many Splendored Thing

If you don’t get the reference, go to YouTube and watch all three episodes of Charlie the Unicorn.

We had an awesome party on Saturday. It had a chihuhua and Super Mario World.

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It’s the fancy new thing that isn’t even out on the market yet. The unocycle is basically a segway, except it’s shinier and you look like less of a douche riding it. You’re still a douche, but at least you’re a douche wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. It reminds me of Mr. Garrison’s “It” vehicle from South Park, except that this thing will probably only sodomize you financially when it comes out. I’m still waiting for a tiny Herbie go-kart to come out before I jump on this whole mini-electric transportation thing. You can learn more about the unocycle here.

I had some delicious Chinese food this weekend. Brit recommended a place called the Buddha Bowl where they give you huge plates of food for cheap reasonable prices. Twas fantastic.

Brittany also helped me out on my game this week. While we were watching movies, she told me when a render was complete so I could start another one. Between her and Olzen, this game has gotten a lot more fun ever since I started working with a team! I ended up finishing a major cut-scene last night and while waiting for it to render, I set up a home page for Incinerations over here. It’s just a copy-paste job from things I posted on other sites, but it still contains the FAQ on it, as well as all the screenshots and the teaser. I also included links to my other upcoming projects on the games page.

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How’s this for a fantastic time?

All year, I’ve been saving up money so I could pay off my car by this year. My incentive for this was so that I wouldn’t be caught strapped for cash when they re-evaluate my mortgage rate later this year. So all year, it’s been nothing but sandwiches for lunch and making underwear last longer than the elastic permits.

Yesterday was the big day. It was bright and sunny out when I went down to Scotiabank (the guys handling my car loan,) walked up to the teller, and told him I’d like to make a big pre-payment. Unfortunately, to handle a transaction this big, I needed to take out a draft at the TD Bank first. Fair enough.

Fortunately, the TD was right across the street. I got my draft from a gorgeous teller girl and returned to Scotia.

Back at Scotia, the guy put it through and all was done. Until he noticed today was my monthly payment day. Meaning that if I didn’t go to the TD and stop that payment, they would take an extra payment out of my account at midnight.

I run back to TD. The teller girl tells me that they can’t stop the payment because it takes 4 days to intercept and that I need to go back to Scotiabank and get them to credit me the payment. Gack.

My third trip back to Scotiabank. It’s getting dark out. Their supervisor gets on the phone with TD’s supervisor and starts berating them about how they can’t stop a simple payment. Me and the guy at the desk snack on the supervisor’s candy while we wait. I have a gut feeling I’ll have to go back to the TD in a minute here. Finally, the supervisor tells me that they’ll take of it and we’re done here. Until she notices the numbers on my draft don’t match up and I need to run back to the TD to get a new one.

Whee! Back to the TD! I show the teller girl her draft error and politely request a new one. She goes into big-time apology mode and goes nuts for the next several minutes, wrestling with computer problems and trying to contact her supervisor so he can sign the new draft. I’m guessing now wouldn’t be a good time to ask her out.

4th trip back to Scotia! I hand them the draft and leave, stealing a chocolate pumpkin as I go. I turn on the headlights and venture home into the night.

Oddly enough, causing the banks stress was the best de-stresser I’ve had in a long time.

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While I’m waiting for my computer to do something…

Michael Swaim at Cracked posted up his list of the 8 best internet sketch troupes. He warned me about bookmarking the page, but I did. I think I may have found my new favorite “hours of distraction” thing.

The Most Offensive Nature Documentary Ever

I Hate Nature: The African Wilderness Is A Dick — powered by

I dedicate this video to someone I know who loves poop jokes


I’ve got mixed feeling about the weather right now. I’m not a fan of icy roads, windchill, or the sun setting at 4 PM, but there’s something about the season that makes me feel more inspired to do things. Also, looking out the window at the falling snow while listening to Beethoven’s “Choral Fantasy” on my co-worker’s iTunes is really epic.

My cold from the previous week tried to get revenge on me this weekend with a fever. It succeeded in keeping me bed-ridden all Friday. So I wound up sick playing around on the old “Quest for Glory” games while downing Dayquil and cough drops left and right. Had to throw out my sushi since it wasn’t going to last another day and I couldn’t eat it with my stomach the way it was. So now it’s personal.

Saturday I was better, so Brittany came over. We had food at Chili’s, watched a couple movies, completed Episodes 1-3 of “Lego Star Wars,” and finished off my ice cream all in one night. This is what I consider productive.

Render’s almost done. Gotta get back to work. Later!

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Friday Movie Blogging 11-14-08: Bond Blasts Off

All the other movie sites are abuzz this weekend with the release of the new James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace.” I could probably join in and post up my list of favorite Bond films, favorite Bond girls, favorite Bond gadgets, or favorite Bond in general – OR – I could photoshop a picture of Bond using one of Q’s patented, but seldomly-used, ass-rockets.

Yeah, I think I’ll do that one.

Movies I saw this week:

The Ruins (2008)

Rating: C-

“The Ruins” is about a group of horny young people on vacation who go check out a creepy old Mayan pyramid. Then they spend the rest of the movie trapped on top of the pyramid getting their legs eaten by killer vines and performing surgery on each other. One by one, they slowly get mutilated to the point where it gets ridiculous every time one of them tries to save the other. There should be some mercy kill rule in a movie like this where if a character is covered in lacerations, dying of starvation, has their legs cut off, and has plants crawling around under their skin, 40 minutes of the movie should not be spent trying to save their life.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

Rating: B

I love these freakin’ Mummy movies. I just do. Take a big goofball like Brendan Fraser, pit him against magical undead forces, and I’m happy. This movie takes place several years after the last one where the whiny kid is now a whiny adult who accidentally unearths an undead Jet Li who goes on a killing spree across China. And only Brendan Fraser can stop him. I love the action in this movie, and there’s a lot of creativity behind the special effects, especially with Jet Li’s control over the elements and the crazy molten terra cotta effects. Oh, right – and the Yetis. I love the Yetis. There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor and so much of that cheesy “here we go again” mentality that I love so very much in B-movies like this. My biggest problem was mostly with the recasting of Rachel Weisz with Maria Bello for the role of Evelyn. They look nothing alike and the new girl seems to be a little too retardedly prim-and-proper for a role like this. I’m normally okay with recasting side-characters, but she really did piss me off. Especially since they keep encountering other actresses in the movie who seem to fit the role better. I was happy whenever she wasn’t on-screen, but she just kept showing up.

Movies out this weekend:

-Quantum of Solace (supposedly does not include ass-rockets.)

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