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Terror on the Fairway

Well, it finally happened. I finally got involved in a deadly high-speed car chase – providing you replace “car” with golf cart, and “chase” with “battle.”

So there’s a bunch of us guys all hanging out at the golf course for my friend Mike’s bachelor party, and naturally, everybody’s already started drinking. One guy with a flask has been drinking since breakfast and he and his friend end up golfing with me and T. Also, we got two golf karts between the four of us.

Somewhere around the 4th hole, we get rear-ended and spend the next minute cruising over the fairway, ramming back and forth into each other. Then at one point, we were sword-fighting with our clubs out of moving vehicles. It was very much like this scene from Family Guy, only we were breaking a lot more course rules. It all ended in us getting pit maneuvered.

It was around the point where they rammed our parked cart and tried to push it into the lake while we teeing that we decided we might be better off staying a whole hole ahead of them.

Eventually, somebody did show up to scold us, but only because we parked our cart too close to the green.

May 09 2010 | Daily Life, Vehicles | 7 Comments »

Flippin’ Semis

Just for fun, here’s a movie montage I made of trucks get flipped, destroyed, and driven off cliffs. Enjoy!

September 24 2009 | Awesomeness, Movies, Uncategorized, Vehicles, Videos | 1 Comment »

Plamondon Mud Bog ’09

A couple weekends back, the family went out to the Plamondon Mud Bog. Terrence got some great footage of the races! Check it out!

August 25 2009 | Daily Life, Vehicles, Videos | No Comments »

Don’t try this at home (try it on the road!)

Here’s a video of two guys on a motorcycle changing a tire in the middle of a wheelie.

August 12 2009 | Awesomeness, Vehicles, Videos | 1 Comment »