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Ducktalez 7

December 15 2013 | Cartoons, Stuff I Made, Videos | 7 Comments »

Ducktalez 7 Trailer

December 10 2013 | Cartoons, Stuff I Made, Videos | No Comments »

My weeknights in a nutshell.

Every week, by request, this happens. It was only a matter of time before someone filmed and uploaded it.

April 19 2013 | Daily Life, Music, Stuff I Made, Videos | 6 Comments »

DBZ Abridged: The Final Cut

These has been out for the last couple weeks: the final episodes showcasing the showdown between Goku and Freeza. Last season, I created a “DBZ Abridged Abridged” movie for DVD, and I’m doing the same thing for this season, but it’s not as easy since all of season 2 is nearly four hours in length. With careful editing and nickel-and-diming the more excessive dialogue, I’ve brought it down to about a two and a half hour long movie (which I’ll see about making available at some point), but most of the gold is still found in TeamFourStar’s complete episodes. Enjoy the finale!

July 23 2012 | Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | No Comments »

“Wasabi Guy” – the finished version

Here’s the complete cartoon with finished audio, as it was presented at the grad screening. Matt and Rob did a great job touching up the color and getting all those nice sound effects in there. I had a lot of fun on grad night, although I’m not too keen on writing anymore speeches. The class reserved the whole upper story of Ceili’s pub and then somehow we ended up going clubbing when we had a perfectly good pub right there all to ourselves. And then I went home and watched British sitcoms at three in the morning with my roommate and some friends from classical animation. The landlady complained about all the British the next morning. Anyway, here’s Wasabi Guy.

May 19 2012 | Cartoons, Stuff I Made, Videos | 1 Comment »

DBZ Abridged: I’ve been slacking on their updates!

I’ve just been reminded to post up the last three (update: FIVE, because they’re updating faster than I am!) episodes of TeamFourStar’s DBZ Abridged that I’ve been somehow glossing over for the last several months. Methinks they’re finally closing in on the season finale. Enjoy your next half hour!

Episode 25: Nail is Piccolo, And So Can You!

Episode 26: Alien VS. Piccolo

Episode 27: The Saiyan Formerly Known As Prince

Episode 28: Leave it to Freeza

Episode 29: Freeza Burn

March 22 2012 | Humor, Videos | 5 Comments »

Vohaul Strikes Back: The Release Trailer!

Because obviously release trailers should come out AFTER the game’s been released. Or have I been drinking my roommate’s expired orange juice again? Either way, here’s a demo trailer with some game-play, music, and lots of scenes with Roger dying. I’ll have to make one of these for SQInc as well when the time comes.

December 30 2011 | Stuff I Made, Video Games, Videos | No Comments »

Some Batman-y Goodness

In honor of our animation teacher who came in with a hoarse throat today, here’s the Batman videos we’ve been tormenting him with.

“It’s a helicopter!”

“Penguin’s got a new credit card!”

December 08 2011 | Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | No Comments »

The Adventures of Spider-man and Scary Face

The short of everything: started Term 4, computer virus killed half my computer and almost destroyed my game, and my roommate’s mom filled our fridge with two weeks’ worth of leftovers that we can’t get through fast enough.

Here’s some special effects I made back in Term 3. Enjoy!

October 31 2011 | Art, School, Stuff I Made, Videos | No Comments »

Egawds! One of my brothers is married!

At long last, it’s over. I just flew back in from Edmonton last night, my brother’s married, I’ve got a couple new sister-in-laws, and Term 3 is now beginning. There was this crazy misadventure in which the airport lost my luggage, and at least two people’s cars broke down resulting in my brother being late to both his rehearsal and reception. But then there was also an awesome limo ride, a fine Ukrainian meal, and I got access to a karaoke machine for a better part of the night. So all in all, a good weekend.

And Brittany, even though you’re at Disneyland, I have an additional wedding present for you. You will laugh.

Ooh. And here’s an additional video I just remembered starring the happy couple from way before their marriage, back when the worst thing in their lives was Jayme eating crackers:

August 29 2011 | Awesomeness, Daily Life, Humor, Stuff Other People Made, Videos | 2 Comments »

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