I had these crazy ideas a while ago, when Terrence and I used to watch movies together and would incessantly start calling out script re-writes that stop the movie in the most insane fashion possible. Finally, I took the time to visualize a few of those as well as come up with some new ones. Everytime there's something we find ourselves laughing about, I'll see about making a new one. This is sort of like my old Director's Cut cartoons, except I push it to sick new levels. Be warned - may contain extremely crude humor and wizard Cleveland steamers. You know - whatever two redneck brothers find funny.
Demented Director's Cuts
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Steamer
The Lion King
The Matrix Reloaded
The Fellowship of the Ring
Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Secrets
Return of the King
Batman Begins
Napoleon Dynamite
Back to the Future
Some Like It Hot
Fantastic Four
Harry Potter and the Prison of Asskaban
The Breakfast Club
American Pie