Ducktalez is “the greatest movie!”

Somebody on Newgrounds kindly pointed that “Ducktalez: The Motion Picture” has been dubbed by the on-site engine as top search result for “THE GREATEST MOVIE.” I like to think this places me in at least the Top 100 bracket of best things to get linked from on a search engine (Maddox’s “Safety Tips for Safe Kids” still earns Google’s top spot for “Best Page in the Universe.”)

While this doesn’t count Ducktalez as “the greatest movie ever,” I’ve just made a similar update on the NG page which might change that. Next stop, the WORLD!

May 03 2010 07:37 pm | Awesomeness, Cartoons, Daily Life, Stuff I Made

One Response to “Ducktalez is “the greatest movie!””

  1. blubface on 05 May 2010 at 5:21 pm #

    nice one dude. this is going to be the best freashing thing ever for u( freashing is an excuse

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