Animated Shorts

The Ducktalez Saga

The site’s oldest and most popular feature, follow Scrooge and the boys as they fight to protect the money bin from the evil Glomgold, square off against ghastly ghouls in the mansion, and save the world from an intergalactic assassin in their many adventures.

The V.A.M.P.I.R.E Chronicles

The episodes of the VAMPIRE Chronicles were yearly Christmas gifts to my mother, Lina Ushko, back when she worked full-time as a blood collection agent. Every episode takes her to a different country where she must square off against crybaby clients who’ll do anything to avoid needles.

The Adventures of Larry

In the vein of the VAMPIRE chronicles, here is a short trilogy dedicated to my dad, Larry Ushko, as he unleashes the rage within on groups of unsuspecting celebrities and cartoon characters.

The Kermit in Hell Collection

A response to “why don’t you make a cartoon about Kermit the Frog?” that surprisingly only took two minutes to make.

October 08 2007 02:03 pm

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