Walk-Through (for Cheaters!)

Chapter 1: Wake-Up Call to Action

You’ll awaken in the Broomcloset to an all-too-familiar scenario: the ship is under attack. Unfortunately, Roger’s too sleepy to do anything about it just yet, so you’ll need to wake him up somehow. Shuffle him to the east to find the coffee room.

In the coffee room, you’ll find a coffee pot, mug, and spoon you can take. You can pour yourself a cup of coffee, but it’s unfortunately decaffeinated. Use your spoon to pick up the coffee grounds that are floating out in space. Mix the grounds into your coffee pot and pour yourself a new cup of coffee. Drink it and Roger should come to his senses long enough to escape with his life.

Chapter 2: Three Weeks Back

Welcome to Aries 6. Your objective here is to get to your job interview, so first talk to the robot to obtain your travel pass. You can then use it to operate your pod and leave that station.

After arriving at Xavard’s office, read the “Closed” sign to learn that he’s closed up early. To make matters worse, your cell phone isn’t charged, which is your next priority. If you leave the office, you’ll be brought up to a map of the station. First head to the Level 6 Common.

In the common, enter Puggzley’s diner. He says you can use the phones in the back, but if you go back there, you’ll find two aliens smoking some poisonous floodweed fumes and preventing you from using the phones. Go back and complain to Puggzley until he sends you with a requisition form to go pick up some parts for the ventilation system.

Travel to the Supply Depot. Give the req form to the clerk and he’ll ask for your A-Card. As luck would have it, it was in your luggage, and even your luggage is missing. Things just keep getting worse, don’t they?

Go back to the Shuttle Station and complain to the robot about your luggage. Roger will steal a pen during their transaction.

If you go to the Administration office in the common, you can request a new A-Card, but you’ll need photo ID. You only have one photo of yourself, but it needs to be signed by a high-ranking officer to be legit. You can try asking the security chief, but he’ll refuse. However, if you travel to the church, you’ll find the famous General Havoc on a bench outside. If you have the pen, ask for his autograph on your photo and he’ll oblige. You can now use your photo to get the A-Card, and use your A-Card to get the parts.

Returning to the diner, you’ll find the vents have been fixed already, so Puggzley asks you to return the parts (which you don’t need to do right away. Or ever.) But you do need to find some change to use the phones in the back.

To use the phones, first go to the bathrooms and pick up the loose washer on the ground. Return to the common and use the washer in the beggar’s hat to swap it for a quartezoid. You can then use it to make the phone call of your life… which doesn’t end well for Roger.

Chapter 3: Escape from Aries 6

Three weeks have past, and Roger now finds himself back at Aries 6 – wanted for questioning in regards to an uploaded station virus, desperate to stop Beatrice’s wedding, and eager to begin his quest for the planet Halon. To escape, you’ll need to stop Beatrice’s wedding and turn off the restraining cell that they’ve implanted in your body. Be sure to re-explore the station, as many things have changed in three weeks.

One thing you should do first is visit administration and upgrade your travel pass. Talk to the droid on the right and give him your pass to obtain a hotel room. Ride the pod down into the hotel and pick up some loose nuts and bolts in your cell. Then return to Puggzley’s to meet the new waiter. Sit down in the back to order a cup of gravy.

Onto the wedding: Beatrice’s wedding will be closed off to the public, but you can still break in with the right tools – namely Ali’s nail file. Unfortunately, she’s reluctant to depart with it, but Roger knows how to deal with cats. If you go to the bathroom, you’ll see a cleaning droid with a spray bottle there. Look at the droid to learn about its weakness – sucking solid objects up into its liquid intake. Mix the nuts and gravy together and dump it on the floor to trick the droid into disabling itself. Return to the bathroom and take the spray bottle. You can use the spray to get rid of Ali and take her nail file. With the nail file in hand, go to the upstairs organ room and use the file to unscrew the bench from the floor. Pick up the bench to hurl it through the window.

Unfortunately, it turns out you still can’t get past security without an invitation. But who do you know that has an invitation? Hey, Xavard has an invitation! Go to administration and keep drilling the droid on the left for information about the hypernet and forwarding messages to phones. He’ll offer to forward Xavard’s invitation to yours if you can prove Xavard’s phone is broken. Go to the diner and take Puggzley’s phone – then go to Xavard’s office and run it through the paper shredder. Return the shredded remains to the droid and he’ll send Xavard’s invitation to your phone instead. You can now use it to approach Bea at her wedding.

But alas – how to win her heart when she’s already at the altar for someone else? You need to get your ring back! Go to the waste disposal level and you’ll find the ring in a broken Armech – moments before someone locks it in an incinerator. You’ll need some serious firepower to bust it out. Talk to the waiter about his illegal fireworks and his confiscated ship. You’ll find his ship up at the shuttle station, but guarded by an illiterate hippy-hating recruitment officer. In the hotel lounge, there’s a flyer that reads “Give Peas a Chance.” Give it to the officer to send him storming off in a rage. Use the nail file to cut the tarp off the ship, and then go tell the waiter (Greg) about it. He’ll give you a stick of dynamite in gratitude. Travel to the supply depot and drop the dynamite down the smoke-stack. Return to the waste level and recover your missing ring. Use it to win back the heart of the woman you love.

Except she’s still not convinced, and you’re now officially locked out of the wedding. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so grab Tungburn’s hanky, shove it in the fire sprinkler, and use the spark plug to start a fire. Sit back and enjoy as the wedding comes to a crashing halt.

With that out of the way, you still need to deactivate your restaining cell. You can do it from Stellar’s computer, but she’s not likely to let you. You’ll have to drug her coffee somehow. Try putting some extra caffeine in her cup – that speeds her up pretty good. In the medlab, search the garbage for some expired retroquil. Read the instructions to learn how it works, and then use it in her coffee with the caffeine. The effects will be reversed and she’ll be out like a light. You’ll still need clearance to access her computer. If you’ve already stopped Bea’s wedding, return to the main hall and you’ll find Tungburn’s security pass. Use it on Stellar’s computer to free yourself from the station.

At this time, Roger is suddenly attacked and finds himself trapped in the common. Hide in the hotel, only to find Beatrice with the security chief ready to arrest you. Fortunately, luck kicks in and Roger is able to escape arrest momentarily – but still be chased by an enemy ship. Search Tungburn to take his brass knuckles. Re-enter the hotel and go to your cell.

Once in the cell, you’re a sitting duck. Use the brass knuckles to break the glass and escape to the ledge. When the first ship comes, time it just right so that you turn on the cryo-spray as he passes – freezing the ship in mid-air. When the second ship comes along, interact with it to hop down and attempt to rescue Bea. Stay tuned for a long cut-scene.

When you resume control, it’s time to leave the station. The only known ship going out is Havoc’s Forager. Didn’t Marty say he was loading garbage into the Forager? Head down to the waste level and use the tarp on the Armech to smuggle yourself out of the station and onto Havoc’s ship.

Chapter 4: Sabotage the Cavalry

You’re now in the incinerator room of the ACS Forager. You need to plan your escape now. Search the fallen Armech to locate its problem, and fix it with your spark plug. G2 will awaken and greet you. If you talk to him about escaping, he’ll explain that you’ll need to stop the fleet first.

You should now find your way upstairs. In the next room, talk to the Virtual Broomcloset to receive a new designation and the master keyring. You can now use the stairway to enter the main hangar bay. Be sure to explore the broomcloset and see what combinations of items you can get from it. Remember – you can only take two items at a time.

Here, take the elevator up to the bridge. You’ll meet Havoc who will not recognize you, but still order you to polish his boots. Go back to the broomcloset and request a boot-polishing kit. Return to Havoc to begin wiping his feet. While you’re down here, plant a tracker bug in his boot. Leave, and when the General heads off to the weapons locker, use your phone on the hallway to follow him.

In the weapons locker, you’ll run into BENI who’s guarding the Emp-Charge you need. The charge is guarded by an electric field. You can use a rubber glove from the broomcloset to grab it, but then BENI will zap you from the floor. You can use the shoe polish to blind BENI, but then you won’t be able to grab the charge without walking back to the closet for the glove. You need to make it so that you can obtain both items at once. The trick is to ask for the shoe-polishing kit, and then instead of returning the shoe polish, return something similar – like the spray bottle. Afterward, ask for the unclogging kit to receive the glove and plunger. Use the polish to blind BENI and use the glove to grab the charge.

Now you need somewhere to plant the charge. Return to the incinerator room and use your keyring to unlock the hatch. Enter the engine core and plug the charge into the power outlet. If you’ve awakened G2, you should be able to set the timer now. Stand back and watch the events unfold.

Okay, so things didn’t go to plan and now the whole fleet’s been deactivated and a space chicken is hacking the ship. After G2 opens the door, walk up the side of the ship to see what’s going on. Take the bungee cord here and combine it with the fan belt. Hook one end to the board and the other to the chicken. Turn on the space board to get rid of the chicken and then disable his computer. Return to G2 to escape the ship.

Chapter 5: Halon Reached

You’ll begin in control of your Armech. Travel to the north-east and walk across the asteroid bridge until you have control of your new abilities. Find the refinery entrance, shoot out the middle window and jump inside. Once in, shoot down the catwalk and hop onto it to find the fuel pump.

The fuel pump requires power and two lock-out keys before you can use it. While you’re up here, grabs the banana magnet and can of dead matter. Then go back to the refinery.

To fix the power, you need to fix the fusebox. Destroy the crate on the ground and pick up the spare power cell. Knock the panel off the fusebox and use your headlights to see inside. Hit the dead power cell out of position and inject the new power cell. Then just hit the start button to get the power running again.

The two lock-out keys are lost out on the asteroids. The nearest one is on the bridge. Just look for a glitter on the east side and use the banana magnet to pick it up. The second one is behind the ruined backhoe. Use the dead matter to remove the backhoe, and the magnet to pick up the missing key.

Once the keys are returned and the power is on, you can fuel up the newly-restored Doomtron.

They’ll escape when the army arrives. Travel two screens left and watch a very long series of cut-scenes as all hell breaks loose.

Once you’re in control again, travel south to trigger a lucky accident that disables the guards. Follow to where the guards landed and talk to the ship’s pilot twice. Give the ship a push to clear the way and continue onward.

When Doomtron senses danger approaching, hide in the shadows and wait for it to pass. Then leap up the wall on the far end.

Traveling north, you’ll see two soldiers in a stale-mate with an enemy walker. Help them out by jumping on the other end of the buried girder to launch the enemy off the platform.

Soon after, the Mother Hen will arrive. Travel towards it and when a walker ambushes you, use your headlights to temporarily blind it. If you saved the two soldiers earlier, they’ll save your life here. Pick up the unstable ordnance and head north to the Mother Hen. When the Hen’s foot moves back, stand on the end of the teetering rock and wait for the Hen to catapult you into its mouth. From here, use the unstable ordnance to destroy the monster and find your way into the underground.

Chapter 6: Base of Operations

Now you’ve done it. Stellar is unconscious again for the third time today because of you – and this time she’s poisoned. You have some medication that could work as an antidote, but you need to boil it with the poison to make it work. Use the nail file to saw a floodweed leaf from the steam and then go search for a water source.

North of the crossroads is a small pool, but it’s nowhere near boiling. Perhaps you can make use of the heating pipe around it. Look for the security entrance and you’ll notice a thermostat next to the guards. Take the liquid nitrogen bottle from Stellar’s bike and put it in the vents to encourage the guards to turn up the heat.

The heat is on, but now you can’t cross the pipe to the pool. Go talk to Doomtron and ask him for the fire-proof tarp you were using earlier. Throw it on the pipe and cross over to the pool so you can create the antidote with the retroquil and floodweed leaf. Use the mug to bring the medicine to Stellar so she can get you inside the base.

After leaving behind Doomtron and Stellar, you must figure out how to stop the Incinerator from launching. Go to the launch pad and you’ll see a command room over your head. From the kitchen, you can talk through the vent and learn where it leads.

Before you go much further, you should get the key to the storage closet. There’s one at the checkpoint, but the guard is oblivious to everything except it, so you’ll need a disguise. Take the helmet from the launch pad and attempt to take the key. When the guard stops you, use the helmet to fool him. You can now enter the closet with the key.

Inside the closet, turn on the computer. Talk with BENI until he shuts himself down. When you leave, he’ll reboot himself as Vohaul. Talk with Vohaul as you like, and take out his motherboard when you’re done.

Vohaul is going to help you destroy the command room, but you need to put him in an appropriate vessel. Stick his motherboard in the toy race car you find in the kitchen – and mash it together with the toaster on the counter. Take a land mine from the storage closet and put it into the toaster. Now release Toaster Vohaul into the vents to take out the command room.

After the explosion, you should rescue Beatrice. Go back to the launchpad and take the phaser from the chicken. Set the phaser’s dial to “Thaw” and use it to release Beatrice.

Shortly after, you must defeat General Havoc. You can’t out-shoot him, so you have to trap him somehow. Roger will move between three points of cover. At point 2, pour shoe polish on the floor. At point 3, wait for Havoc to slip on it, then set the phaser to “Stun” and use it to shoot the crane controls before he gets back up. Back at point 1, put Toaster Vohaul in the crate, then wait until you’re back at point 2 before shouting orders at Vohaul to attack Havoc, who will end up falling into your trap.

The False Vohaul can’t be beaten – but you can protect yourself temporarily. Remember the electricity from the Forager? Use the rubber glove to block Vohaul’s electrical attack. This will buy you enough time before Chronarr steps in and the chapter ends.

Chapter 7: The Lost Asteroid

After a lengthy heart-to-heart with Bea and Havoc, Roger finds himself stranded on a lone asteroid with Stellar and Doomtron. Talk with Stellar and then go wandering off for a while.

Roger is in a funk over Beatrice and refuses to solves any puzzles at the moment. Talk to Greg until Greg starts giving Roger self-help advice. He’ll mention you should try burning something that has power over Roger. The ring can’t burn, but Bea’s photo can. Use the photo on the barrel and Roger will pull himself together for now.

Now you need to get off this asteroid – and maybe Doomtron can help. He needs a new robot spark plug, and there’s a whole dumpster full of robots over there. You’ll need to get through the wax first. Use the plunger on the fire to create a torch, and use the torch to melt the wax off the dummies. Now you need some of Greg’s tools. Trade the ring for his toolbox, and use the toolbox to get a spark plug. Use the spark plug to revive Doomtron. Unfortunately, he’s out of fuel again.

WARNING: the following section contains a game-breaking bug that only exists in the earliest version of the game. For the game’s first release, install the engine BEFORE removing the bolt or Greg’s hat won’t appear. Have an early save game available for this part.

Maybe you can use that rocket ride to get off the asteroid? It needs a proper engine and the bolt needs to be removed. To get the engine, use the toolbox on Greg’s ship, and fit the engine inside the rocket. Now try removing the bolt with your tools. The weight of the ride is holding it in place. Go ask for Doomtron to hold it up and then try it again. The ride is ready to go.

Lastly, you need a gun. The statue on the ticket booth has one, but you can’t release the grip because the statue is always facing you. You’ll need to make it follow Greg somehow. Hide your phone under the box of phones. Then use the washer from the rocket to steal yet another quarter from Greg’s hat. Use the quarter on the pay phones to call yourself. When Greg answers the call and distracts the statue, use the toolbox on it to loosen the grip. When the statue turns back, take the gun for yourself. Roger will retrieve his phone if you haven’t done so already.

Now just talk to Stellar to launch yourself back to the Incinerator.

Chapter 8: Incinerations

You’re immediately thrown into a gun-fight. There are three waves of chickens to battle in the hallway, on the catwalk, and at the core. The best strategy is to fire at them in the order they come out. The pattern is always the same, so you can anticipate their movements after a few practice tries. This battle is completely skippable, but you won’t get points for skipping it. There’s a puzzle at the end of the gun-fight where a chicken is strangling you with his foot. To defeat him, stab him in the leg with your nail file.

After meeting Bruce, go through the boiler room door to battle Vohaul Supreme. To defeat him, first take the crystal, then shoot at Vohaul so that he grabs you. When you’re suspended in the air, turn up the thermostat, and then shoot Vohaul again to make him drop you. Open the vent and give Toaster Vohaul the crystal. Shoot Vohaul again to distract him, then call your Toaster friend to come defeat him.

On the bridge, Havoc will start issuing orders. To configure the left console, use the Important Paper on it. To configure the box, open it with the crowbar you find here, and use the ring to tie the wires together. For the third configuration, just beat the right console with the crowbar until it works.

Havoc will ask you to start the Incinerator. If you’ve only configured the first console, you can easily activate the rings and field before getting to this step. If the ship’s reversed, you’ll have to deactivate the rings and field in order to activate them. Once all the conditions are met, your sabotage will be complete and you’ll be captured.

In Chronarr’s lab, you’ll awaken drugged and tied to a table. Keep bugging Chronarr with questions until he leaves you alone. Your inventory is on the table, so ask him about the Important Paper. After he leaves, keep interacting with your table until you fall onto the floor – then keep ramming the desk until the acid chews through your bonds.

Unfortunately, you still feel hung over. Recover your inventory and take the alcohol on the desk. Mix the retroquil and alcohol together in the boiling water to create a Super Sobriety potion and drink it to wake up (save first since a very long cut-scene follows.)

Once you’re out on the hull of the ship playing as Doomtron, you’ll need to pin down the X-Model. Keep jumping around the guy-lines until the X-Model shoots out both of them (it’s random, but always works on the fourth try.) Just jump on the satellite to knock it over and crush the X-Model.

When you’re Roger again, you’ll have to outwit Chronarr by making him angry so you can steal the time bracer. Use the dialogue options 3, 4, and 1 in that order to really get his goat. Once he’s finished talking, you still need to push him over the edge – so talk to Havoc instead. Mention Chronarr’s real name to make him slip up so Roger can nab the time bracer.

You’ll arrive in your travel pod from three weeks ago, unable to leave. Use your travel pass on the trunk and steal your own luggage. Now open your luggage (in your inventory) to find all your cool stuff. Use the decoder ring on the time bracer to decipher it. Now you can use the bracer to return to the Incinerator and defeat Chronarr for good.

For the last puzzle, you still need to stop the Incinerator from crashing into Aries 6. Open the cabinet and take the emergency brake kit. Activate the portal system from the left console (or deactivate if the ship’s reversed) and use the portal controls to go to Prison Cell #2. In here, open the secret compartment to find the eject button. Place a mini-portal on the plate to the right. Go back to the bridge and use the portal controls to open a portal to Prison Cell #1. You’ll return to the asteroid. Place a second mini-portal on the plate here. Tie the cable to the anchor and run it through the mini-portal. Make your way back to Prison Cell #1 and tie the cable to the water pipes. Use the rust remover on the ejection button and press it to initiate the end-game.

Congratulations! You just cheated your way through “Incinerations!”

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  1. zach y on 09 Mar 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    thank you for an awsome game just as good as the first one or maybe even beter keep up your good work. thanks again your friend zach york.

  2. Fishberlin on 06 May 2012 at 11:39 am #

    was fun to play rw again! Loved to play space quest years ago.. with those pixelpics in 16 colors mode.. beeps from the computer speakers.. lots of sixpacks and cigarettes.. Thank you for this nice little game!!

  3. yuvilio on 04 Jun 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Amazing on so many levels. This and VSB are both a must. The plot exposition and possibilities are juicy and satisfying. And the eye candy doesn’t hurt either.

  4. Chawl on 15 Jul 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    This game rocks! A must!

  5. Guest on 08 Sep 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    Okay, I’m too lazy to register for the forum and THERE’S NO CONTACT MAIL OF YOU HERE!!!
    So, I’m using this way. Thanks, Chris and your collaborators for this game. I could feel how much love went into it. And Roger was Roger (well, although I’m not sure about the whole “shooting chickens” thing, bit violent for old Rog …) – the animations really breathed life into this character. And the music was fitting. And and and …
    Many thanks for this effort!

  6. Hammerite on 29 Dec 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    YOU ARE AMAZING!.This game is piece of art. That should be cannon. Your are great!

  7. Nilex on 21 Jun 2017 at 11:41 pm #

    Great adventure, much better than any of the official ones to be honest. Player direction is always clear and puzzles are smart, logical and solvable without a guide. Animations are spectacular! Shows what unhindered imagination and skills can do. I really liked how the facial mimics conveyed what goes on in character’s heads. For me, game had “The Dig” feel to it. I’d kill for a good voice over in this one as well 🙂

    VSB and this one make for best two SQ games I played, followed by another fan-made: SQ4.5. You all blew those two guys to Andromeda if you ask me.

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