"Smart, smooth, and sexy. Spud Wars has everything a game needs and more."
 -Mental Asylum Patient
"This is the biggest piece of crap since the one in Jurassic Park."
-Respected Official
"A stunning insight into the complex inner workings of a trigger-happy rodent's mind."
-Dr. Zeas, Ph.D.
"Mommy, what is that gerbil doing to the couch?"
-Timmy, Beta-Tester, 5 years old
"What the &#@$?"
-Roeper and Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
"The mind-boggling climax seems to be ripped from the very orifices of Hell itself.  Proceed with caution."


Ever want to take out your frustration on the furniture?  Now you can.
Ever want to possess the lethal power of a pressurized potato?  Now you can.
Ever want to let the fur fly?  Now you can.
Ever want to be Lazlo?  Now you can.

Welcome to Spud Wars:  A short four-level mini-game designed with Klik 'N Play. As Lazlo, you will be given the chance to go nuts with trashing your own home and neighborhood with a potato gun (AKA the SpudChucker 2000tm) just like you've always wanted to!


Requirements (For the Best Performance Possible): If you don't have any of the preceding things, the game will probably not work very well, or it might even crash your computer.


    Since this is Klik 'N Play, there's bound to be some problems.  There always are, and they are usually associated with the following:

    To fix problems with any of these, just reduce the hardware acceleration on your machine through PROPERTIES, select the SETTINGS, press ADVANCED, and select PERFORMANCE.  There you can alter your machine's speed to run this game properly.  Be sure to do this before contacting me about any problems.


1.  Download the file.
2.  Use WInzip to open it (double-click it if you have the program)
3. Select SETUP
4.  Follow the instructions.
5.  Play the game.

And now without any further ado, the download!  Be sure to right-click the link and select SAVE LINK AS if left-clicking doesn't automatically start up the process.

DISCLAIMER:  "Lazlo's Spud Wars" is a bizarre work of fiction.  Any resemblance to the characters, living or dead, may prove that you might need better friends.  The creator does not hold responsibility for any mental illness brought on by playing this game (five different types have already been found.)  "Lazlo's Spud Wars" contains cartoon violence, usage of a potato gun, comic vandalism, Adam Sandler's voice, and the words "Oh, dear Lord" which may offend some Atheists. You've been warned.  Now go have fun.