Geeks vs. Nerds: Superman vs. Goku

After months of addressing stage fright through karaoke, I put my mettle to the test by participating in a live “Geeks vs. Nerds” debate at Yuk-Yuk’s Comedy Club tonight. “Geeks vs. Nerds” is a comedy debate show where two teams of three argue over which fictional character is better. My roommate hosts it, so that’s sort of how I got involved. Tonight’s show featured the match-ups “Tintin vs. Indiana Jones” and “Superman vs. Goku”. I wound up on Team Superman.

I seriously had no idea that Superman costume of mine would get so much mileage this year.

The first debate between Indy and Tintin went hilariously wrong as Team Tintin berated Indy’s “let’s use child labor and get Hitler’s autograph” policy, while Team Indy printed out some portrait-sized images of Tintin punching black people in the Congo. In the end, Tintin won the “Best Globe-Trotter” award on the grounds that by calling dibs on the moon, he’d effectively trotted more globes than Indy.

Our following debate was a bit more dramatic. The audience was clearly pro-Goku when we started, but as time went on, we think we pulled a “Rocky IV” with the crowd. By the end, it was a close call, but Team Superman pulled through.

My friend Zach had the best one-liner of the night with his “Goku is the #1 cause of world hunger” jab. As the debate was in regards to who was better suited for protecting Earth, it was in our favor that Goku was a walking natural disaster who allowed three planets to be destroyed under his watch. The other team pulled out some great jabs too, and even produced a skit depicting the climactic battle. Our version of the battle ended in Superman using rainbow-colored kryptonite to turn gay just so he could memory-erase Goku with a kiss.

All in all, it was a great night. Plus we followed it up with drinks at the EXP Bar (this fancy new video game bar in the city where I’m now apparently known as ‘Commander Shepard’ just because the waiter encourages nicknames at the table to make separating bills easier.)

Not sure what else to write. That’s what I did today.

Here’s an inspirational picture I’d been looking at to pump myself up for the debate.

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  1. M on 14 Nov 2012 at 8:01 am #

    Ah, they’re still having the Superman vs. Goku debate?

    I think it’d depend on the version of Superman myself. Silver Age Superman would mop the floor with Goku, even if Goku unlocks ten additional levels of Super Saiyan. This is the quasi-omnipotent Superman that can fly black holes across the universe, punch the barriers between universe to splinters and timetravel by going really fast, and basically do whatever the hell he can think of. And only the gods of his universe can match or exceed him and they’d still have a serious fight. (And those gods are actually POWERFUL, shatter worlds and galaxies with a casual stray thought type of gods.) Silver Age wipes his ass with Goku if he wants too.

    Of course if it’s a more sanely powered version of Superman, like the original that couldn’t fly but just literally leap tall buildings, and that could be hurt by an artillery shell. Or the more powerful, but still not all that overpowered Justice League cartoon Supes, or a version like that. Goku’d win. For the weaker ones he’d not even have to turn Super. (Although SOME of the weaker versions would still be one hell of a challenge or might even still win.) Still many of the weaker Supermen would be easy for Goku.

    But Silverage Supes? The most powerful type? Completely rapes Goku. No Japanese hyperbole statement of power will help the Saiyan there. That and with most versions of Superman Goku’d still find the guy HITS hard physically. Much of an energy blaster as the Goku is, when it comes to raw lifting and punching and NOT blasting, most versions of Superman tend to be able to hit harder then ‘punch you through a plateau’. More… punch you through a planet if he really tries. Whilst I often hear CLAIMS about Goku supposedly being able to ‘benchpress a planet’ the only actual FEATS I recall are lifting a hundred tons in high G (Many superstrength chars can do that, that are way below Supes) and I think struggling with a skyscraper (Which’d be nothing to most versions of Supes.) Glass cannon may not be an accurate description of Saiyans, and maybe with the ki thing they can boost their strength, but in terms of muscle they still seem more blasters then brawlers when it comes to hard hitting in superpower land. (And taking equivalent energy blasts might have more to do with their own energy protecting them against it then the ability to take physical punishment.) So there’s that as well. Because I DO think DBZ fanboys overvalue Goku and DBZ chars in general. (And underrate everyone else.)

    So basically depends on the version. But if it’s the most powerful Supes, Supes all the way, not even a contest. Nor is Supes the only western comic book char that could take Goku. I’m pretty sure Silver Surfer would crush him, for one that comes to mind quickly.

  2. Chris on 16 Nov 2012 at 1:31 am #

    We wanted to rely more on a Superman who uses his brains over his abilities when fighting Goku. Superman’s resourcefulness is a much better weapon for when dealing with a Saiyan man-child.

    Goku’s power is insane, and he probably could bench-press a planet if his strength multiplies with every transformation (the presence of SS3 alone causes earthquakes). But his strength is only useful against other brawling enemies. Bring on super-geniuses like Lex Luthor and they’d find whole new ways to defeat Goku.

  3. Jawad on 16 Nov 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    This was always harder than religious conflict.
    Go team Goku!

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