If the Internet took over our schools

I placed in first in yet another Cracked Photoshop contest (making this my fourth win!) This one caught me off-guard since I submitted a “man, everybody else’s entries are so awesome, I’m just going to half-ass my entry in under ten minutes” kind of entry. Although in retrospect, it does provide a good punchline for the contest in general. But definitely check out the rest of the contest – there were some excellent entries (I was rooting for the Nigerian Prince to win.)

Now all I need is for the Canadian dollar to go back up so I can finally transfer all this Cracked money out of my Paypal account.

April 21 2010 01:26 pm | Photoshops, Stuff I Made, Stuff Other People Made

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  1. blubface on 01 Jun 2010 at 7:16 pm #

    i alway try to get to cracked but the school balching system dosnt let me


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