Outside of my actual job, I’m always working on a side-project. So if my social anxiety acts up and you don’t hear me in a year, just know I’m working on one of these things. I’ll keep them updated as I reach assorted milestones (i.e. when I committ to actual titles).


Inspired by the superhero films and cartoons of the 90’s, this game will follow the adventures of an ambitious young crime-fighter. Along with alternate solutions and optional side-puzzles, it’ll feature a choice-driven story where you can define your superhero personality based on your interactions. The game is being developed in Unity using Chris Burton’s Adventure Creator.

Another Untitled Project

After the superhero one, I’m doing something horror-themed. Still in early writing stages.

Yet Another Untitled Thingie

This one will have a dinosaur in it.

Untitled Game Jam Projects

I want to commit to at least one small game a year, like “Starstruck”, so let’s see how that goes…

Chester Cornfield Follow-Up
It turns out I didn’t lose the assets for this game, so it’s back in the oven. I may not start on it until after the kids are older, though.

January 22 2018 02:29 am