Kokanee Ranger: Don’t pull me into your politics!

I’ve only been familiar with the Ranger vs. Sasquatch commercials for the last few years. I thought it was some age-old thing from the 80′s, but no – the schtick is recent. Sasquatch steals a case of Kokanee beer and rides off on a dirtsurfer with the Ranger chasing after him. Now, for the last year, the world has come down with an unexpected case of “Ranger: Live or Die” ads which happen to be popping under my mouse every time I visit a new site and asking me to vote.

Do I really care? No. The commercials are mediocre at best. I’d sooner give a crap about the fate of the Geico Gecko. In any case, I voted yes on the website while researching this thing for two simple reasons:

1. Getting of the old ranger means they’ll bring in someone “younger and hipper.” And anyone who’s both “young” and “hip” is destined for douchebaggery. So instead of getting commercials about a pervy old man in the woods with babes, we’ll get some pervy young guy in the woods with babes, and that’s not cool if that guy isn’t me.

2. The Kokanee Ranger isn’t a real person. The guy playing him is. What the commercial’s asking us to do is vote on whether or not they should fire the actor. That’s not nice. The guy’s probably got bills to pay. If letting the Ranger live is what’s going to keep this creepy old guy off the streets, then by all means – let the Ranger live.

June 19 2008 08:18 pm | Pop Culture, TV, Videos

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