Living in the Sauce

Being single on Valentine’s Day weekend means one of the following things:

1) I should get out, join a group, and meet more people,
2) I should go on a killing spree against every person who asked me what I’m doing for V-Day with no intention of inviting me anywhere (that’s like going to an orphanage on Family Day and not adopting anybody,) or
3) I stay in and ignore the social pressure that insists I quickly get into bad relationships just to satisfy some holiday the corporations made up, and instead continue doing my usual thing. Because that’s actually what I was going to do anyway. I’ll go join a group when the snow melts instead of spend another winter driving through the city on icy roads and trying to find parking in sub-zero temperatures.

Here’s some random scenes from my weekend:

I had another Macgyver moment where I needed to refill some fluid in my car, but I didn’t have a funnel. So I grabbed a big plastic bottle from the back counter and chopped the back off of it. Five points!

My folks came back from their cruise, so I went to visit them. They got me a T-shirt, a keychain, and this stretchy paper hat that tears my skin apart when I wear it. My brothers and I all had a good laugh watching each other scream in pain as mom put the stupid things on our heads. I’m just going to put mine on the table at home and see if I can pass it off as a vase.

Mom made some good papaya salad. Then I accidentally dumped a ton salad dressing on it. So I put more salad on my salad dressing.

Ever eaten at Taco Del Mar? It’s kind of nasty. The food’s all right, albeit a bit greasy, but what bugged me was how when I got home, the sauce was already leaking through the foil they wrapped it in, and the tacos inside fell apart.

Opening cut-scene for Chapter 5 is done! I now dislike rendering displacement maps!

I learned to play “La Cucaracha” on the piano.

Yesterday I was taking my garbage out and there was an old fat lady walking around inside the condo building wearing just a bathrobe. Possibly the most traumatizing thing I’ve seen since I moved here.

I caught that new show “Dollhouse” on Friday. It’s not bad. It’s a Joss Whedon show, so I can’t really judge it on the first episode. Sometimes I wonder if this guy makes shows just so he can see his female stars naked in the shower scenes he writes.

I bought some boysenberry pop at the store the other day and right after I finished drinking it, Justas came on-line to tell me about how he’d just come back from Knott’s Berry Farm (the boysenberry capital of Los Angeles.) He’d also just eaten at the famous chicken restaurant “Box of Mystery” was born in, but failed to bring home the styrofoam box. Still, give him a hand, folks!

Against my better judgment, I downloaded “Disaster Movie” to see if it was as bad as I made it out to be. I was wrong. It was worse. Details on Friday.

“Lego Indiana Jones” is now 100% complete! To reward my efforts, the game rained money down on me everywhere I went, which is actually a sick joke since there’s nothing in the game left to buy.

David Wong wrote this great article about why the big unattainable things we always seem to want in life never make us happy. It might his way of trying to weasel out of that $50 he owes me for that Lincoln picture I Photoshopped,** but it’s still worth a read. It scientifically justifies all that time we spend looking at lolcats.

Last night, I watched Gilbert Gottfriend tell the infamous Aristocrats joke on TV. I’m still more traumatized by the old lady in the bathrobe.

**I just came home and the check was in the mail. Awesome.

February 17 2009 02:22 pm | Daily Life

2 Responses to “Living in the Sauce”

  1. Pstonie on 17 Feb 2009 at 6:05 pm #

    I spent most of V-Day without MP. They did maintenance on the Playstation network on the 14th, which I guess they thought would be a good day to do it on for some reason.

  2. blubface on 31 May 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    i spent my day eating candy and watching super mario bros z.

    this would be the perfect moment to be playing yes by LMfao

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