Magibon: Konichiwa Desu Bai-Bai

Much like yesterday’s blog post, here’s another internet phenomenom that’s been around since 2006 that equally eludes me. Only I can’t stop watching it. It’s name is Magibon.

I usually have enough common sense to shut off a video off once I realize it’s going nowhere. Such is not the case here. At first glance, she seems like a cute little 14-year old autistic girl who’s never sure what to do in front of her webcam and randomly practices Japanese in front of it. Her videos have absolutely no point to them. And after watching all 51 of them, I felt the strange urge to stalk her. I obviously wasn’t the first since there’s many websites devoted to solving the mystery that is Magibon. And in reality, she’s a 21-year old white girl in Boston who likes to f*** with people’s heads.

Fake or not, this Magibon character she’s created has gotta be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t even get those weird pervy thoughts like I would from any other cam-girl. It’s like… she’s cute, and I want to buy her an ice cream. I want to take her to the zoo and show her the monkeys. I want to sit around and watch her try to drink soy sauce all day.

It’s gotta be hypnosis. It’s gotta be. Damn you, Magibon! Get out of my head!!!

Wait a sec. What are you doing with that pizza? No… no. Magibon, put down the pizza.

OMG! Look at her eat that pizza! It’s bigger than her head!!!

Marry me.

May 25 2008 02:42 pm | Killing Time, Pop Culture, Videos

One Response to “Magibon: Konichiwa Desu Bai-Bai”

  1. kllrchrd on 11 Jun 2008 at 6:04 pm #

    It sure is curious. I only discovered her two days ago. It rates as performance art. It seems her Japanese is real. Maybe a parent worked out there. I too thought of the autistic / asperger thing. Such an expressive face, reaching back to a pre puberty vocabulary. Shes harmless, fun and cute. She’s engineered this to see where it leads.

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