March 2019: Back to Gardening

I’m trying to re-teach myself productivity. I figure if I can find 5-10 minute windows to work in, and keep an active to-do list throughout the day, those minutes will pile up across the month without me losing any momentum, progress, or attention to the baby. It’s a juggling act of time management, but I did get manage to get a nice garden modeled and painted this month. I also textured a couple new characters and I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Here’s my WIP space garden for “Do-Gooders!” (yes, I’ve added an exclamation point to the title because why not?):

I also bought some new stuff for my patio garden this year. Just gonna plant peas this year. Nothing but peas. Those were big winners last year, so why not?

And I still want to try my hand at the upcoming AdventureJam. Not sure if I’ll have time for it, but I’ve managed to write a one-room game with a bunch of characters who should all use the same animations. I get more anxious about revisiting Twitter to participate than actually building the game, so any updates on that game’s release might be done through here. More to come!

March 27 2019 04:30 pm | Stuff I Made

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