Movie Reviews: July ’11

Did I seriously only post two blog thingies in the last month? Man, I’m losing track of time.

Captain America: The First Avenger
What did you think?: Here’s the only movie this year I went in with zero expectations for. It’s also the only one that exceeded my expectations for miles. This is a GREAT movie! Lots of action, great visuals, some good laughs, and some great performances out of Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Evans. Evans actually does a great job of disappearing into the role. The film is also brilliantly directed, re-capturing the same 1930’s charisma that made movies like “The Rocketeer” so great.
No disappointment?: Nope. In fact, I found Captain America is the only hero I rooted for this summer.
What about Thor? He saves… the bad guys from the bad guy.
Green Lantern?: He wussed out after basic training and went home!
Kung Fu Panda?: Stole the spotlight from the much more interesting Furious Five.
Optimus Prime?: His catch phrase has gone from “Roll out!” to pretty much “Roar! I’ll kill you all!”
X-Men… oh, wait…: I wanted to see Magneto WIN!
So on that top of that: Captain America doesn’t have any of that typical annoying character development. No fears or insecurities to overcome, no quest for vengeance, no wants or needs other than to do the right thing. It’s a nice reprieve from all the flawed heroes we get in movies. Sometimes I just want to see a good solid static character save the day from super-nazis. It’s good solid fun with lots of laughs and thrills. And stay after the credits. Worth it.

Cowboys & Aliens
So…: Total opposite of Captain America! In other words: complete let-down.
Complete?!: Okay, not complete – I really enjoyed the first half hour of this where Daniel Craig was kicking all kinds of Shia Laboeuf ass. It’s AFTER the aliens show up that the movie just goes downhill.
What happens then? See, that’s where it stops being a gimmicky western and just turns into a run-of-the-mill creature flick. They run off to save the townsfolk and then we get scene after scene of boring campfire stories and retarded gorilla aliens who seem to be pulled out of “Super 8” running around and knocking over horses.
The Most Annoying Thing: They brought advanced weapons – why aren’t they using them? And why are they studying us for weaknesses? We’re human beings – everything from bullets to falling down stairs is our weakness. This is the worst alien invasion ever.
Could it be improved?: Yes. In fact, why did this need to be a western? They could tell the same story just by setting it in present day and replacing cowboys with rednecks. If they’re going to make a cliched sci-fi western, they should go that extra mile and at least use some better cliches – bring on an alien bar fight, a high noon showdown, a train robbery – replace the alien invasion with a gang of alien outlaws makin’ trouble fer the townsfolk – anything besides two hours of following spaceships on horse-back.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Finally saw it?: I finally saw it. I can’t believe it took me four weeks considering I saw every other morning on opening weekend.
And the verdict?: It’s not over. It’s never over.

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2 Responses to “Movie Reviews: July ’11”

  1. The Beezer on 04 Aug 2011 at 1:42 am #

    But Optimus vowing to kill everyone was THE BEST PART!!

    Also, i enjoyed cowboys and aliens.

  2. jolly_old_saint on 05 Aug 2011 at 2:22 am #

    The fat director kid from super 8 is my hero for the summer. Tommy Lee Jones comes close, though, with his power to make every car he drives have the MIB batmobile fire thrusters.

    …I thought optimus’ catchphrase was “one shall stand dinobots, destroy devastator with a little energon and a lot of luck Bumblebee I’m re-naming you to Goldbug.”

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