Movie Reviews: November 2010

What is it?: Bruce Willis and a bunch of old people are retired CIA agents who go around hilariously blowing people up. It’s pretty awesome. John Malkovich steals the show.
Anything else to add?: Nope. This is a pretty clear-cut movie. It’s funny and action-packed with a great cast.

New DVD: Mystery Team!
What is it?: Probably the best comedy no one’s ever heard of.
No, really – what is it?: It’s a film from DerrickComedy, about three child detectives who grow up and are still solving kid mysteries. It’s amazingly brilliant, yet still ridiculous and raunchy. Much like DBZ Abridged, it’s one of those rare things I want to keep in my collection so I can show it off to friends and we can make in-jokes about it later.
Should I show it to my kids?: Probably not.
One random coincidental thing: So a couple weeks ago, my friends and I were watching “Mystery Team” and “Scott Pilgrim” back-to-back, and we suddenly notice that the same girl (Aubrey Plaza) stars in both movies. So we look her up and find out that we just watched two of the only three movies she’s ever been in back-to-back. I thought that was kind of cool. If we had watched “Funny People” too, it would been the most random marathon ever.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Spoilers!)
So.. the verdict?: Pretty enjoyable movie. Some great performances, lots of sudden-impact action and humor, and the scenes they added really fleshed out the first half of the book into a solid story. The worst part (as predicted) was that the whole middle of the movie feels like a never-ending camping trip, where instead of solving mysteries and fighting evil, they just sit around waiting for Harry to do something.
So did it need to be a two-parter?: I’ll still say no. Considering they summed up over half the book in one film, and even added some decent filler, I still would have preferred a “Return of the King” style epic where they try to fit the whole book into a three-and-a-half hour film. Part 2 better be padded with awesomeness or it’ll be a very short movie.
Any big changes from the book?: The most noticeable change for me is a scene at the beginning which involves Harry’s owl Hedwig heroically fighting a Death Eater before getting blown out of the sky. Somehow, I rather like Hedwig’s death in the movie as opposed to the book – where Hedwig dies when Harry holds her up as a shield.
Favorite Scene?: The story of the Deathly Hallows. It’s just cool how they did it for the movie.
Does it cut off at the right time?: That was the big question for me throughout the movie: “Where the heck will the cut-off point be?” And I spotted about three different instances where I thought the movie might end. Ultimately, it does end at an appropriate time, and even manages to get a few good action sequences in beforehand, so I didn’t find myself expecting more. The cliffhanger’s pretty good too.

And just for fun, here’s Chester A. Bum and a whole crowd of people re-enacting the movie (Spoilers!)

And more Harry Potter fun – this time with Disney music. Thanks to Marty for finding this one (Book 6 spoilers!)

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2 Responses to “Movie Reviews: November 2010”

  1. Jawad on 02 Dec 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    Chester A. Bum just made my Day
    I love TGWTG

  2. jolly_old_saint on 04 Dec 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    Isn’t any marathon that takes watching “funny people” already the most random marathon ever?

    …Neville’s part in the last Harry Potter book (where he totally becomes the future dexter from egotrip) deserves its own movie. So I’m fine with two, even if ticket prices are absurdly absurd these days.

    Also, probably best they got out most of the soul-crushing endless despair and everyone dying-ness before the end.

    …I applaud the lady in front of me who got her toddler to shut up and watch the whole movie in silence.

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