Old School Gaming: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Developed by: Sega, 1992
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Rating: A+
Video of Tails repeating getting Killed: Click Here!

Me and my friends dug up the old Sega Genesis and, even after 16 years, still agree this is one of the best games ever made.

The first game centered around a really fast blue hedgehog who ran around 6 conveniently roller-coaster-shaped landscapes fighting the robot forces of Dr. Robotnik. You only had four controls: move left, move right, look up, duck, and jump. Simple, to the point, and you could still kick a lot of ass with it. You’d run around spinning on robots and animals would pop out. Then Robotnik would show up with some retarded weapon that would always fall apart after you jumped on it eight times.

The sequel, however, was the Mario 3 of Sonic games. They took all the good stuff from the first one, gave Sonic a retarded sidekick, a crazy spin dash move, his own airplane, 3D bonus levels, and the ability to transform into a god-like super hedgehog. Then, to make it easier on the bad guys, they gave Robotnik his own Flying Battle Fortress and a Death Star. Top it off with some awesome music and this was pretty intense for a 1992 game.

My only gripe is the stupidity of Tails as a sidekick. Tails is a fox with two tails, and he spins them around like a helicopter to fly (Japan rules.) He was okay in two-player mode because you could race against your friends with him, but in one-player mode, he just follow Sonic around and got killed by stuff. Then, when you got to the bonus level, he’d always crash into mines and lose your rings. What a dick. You couldn’t even make him fly in this game. You had to wait until Sonic 3 before they gave you that luxury.

Anyway, awesome game. Play it. Sonic is a classic role model for everyone.

May 26 2008 07:35 pm | Video Games

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