Old School Gaming: Torin’s Passage

Published/Developed by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Difficulty: Easy
Rating: B+

From Boobies to Boogle:
Today, I find myself revisiting “Torin’s Passage,” a 1995 brainchild from Sierra legend, Al Lowe, creator of the infamously raunchy “Leisure Suit Larry” series. This is one of the very few “family” games created by Mr. Lowe, but there’s no shortage of his twisted sense of humor or imagination. You play the role of Torin, a poor farm-boy who finds his parents kidnapped by the evil sorceress Lycentia, and must journey to the center of the planet to rescue them. Accompanying you is your shape-shifting sidekick Boogle, who transforms into useful objects along the way.

A Twisted World from a Twisted Mind:
The planet you travel through is made up of five worlds – one inside the other, and the game is broken up into five chapters respectively. Each world has it’s own culture and/or theme, such as a jungle world or a lava world. Others have strange oddities, like finding yourself walking onto the set of a 1950’s sitcom, complete with canned laughter. The worlds are practically painted with imagination, sometimes to the point where it’s all over the place, but it’s a very engaging experience nonetheless.

Puts the “Assage” in “Passage”:
“Torin’s Passage” is definitely aimed at the younger demographic – mainly because listening to Al Lowe write comedy for a family game is like listening to Bob Saget perform stand-up on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Between the bad puns and potty humor (i.e. having Boogle turn into a shovel so you can pick up some manure,) the game isn’t without it’s laughs, but it’s the kind of humor you’d sooner expect from a Shrek sequel. On top of that, the game is incredibly easy and can be finished in a night without having to click the ‘hint’ button once. I’d sooner chalk this up to them running out of budget at some point.

The Final Word:
In spite of it’s setbacks, “Torin’s Passage” is a perfect family game that can appeal to both the young and the old. The animation, music and graphics are great, the characters are appealing, and the whole game in general is pretty entertaining. If you’re an adventure fan, it’s definitely worth the illegal torrent download.

December 28 2007 09:46 pm | Video Games

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