Quieting Down…

I think it’s been more than 30 days of blogging already, but I think I’ve gotten into a good habit of this now. I’ll still update, but more on a day-to-day ratio now that I’m getting things back into order.

Things seem to be quieting down for me, but only because I’m on the verge of a lot of changes right now and I’ve managed to achieve a lot of goals in this last month. I’m almost done with TSL, and I’ll probably have the epilogue animations for VSB done within the month. No word on when the games will come out but I’ll keep everyone updated. Then at work, I’ve gotten an entire notebook full of tasks fully crossed off after so many months. Reliiiiiieeeef. For now.

Monday I’m starting with an evening program that’ll be taking up all my nights for the next four and a half months. So if I happen to go days without blogging again – don’t worry, I’m not dead. Unless I am. Then in two weeks comes the dreaded wisdom teeth removal. I’ll be trading in that pain in my mouth for another kind. The plus side: lots of ice cream, TV, and sleep.

Happy stuff: Been going to improv a lot lately. I love those shows. Also discovered the awesomeness of Dadeo’s, a New Orleans-style diner with deep-fried everything. Then there’s a ton of movies I’ve been meaning to review that I should get around to before nobody cares anymore. But so far, I like them all. Right now I’m just sacked out on the couch in front of a fan listening to “I, Robot.”

If anyone wants something stupid to do, we’ve got this great thread started in the forums and everyone’s free to join. If you suck at Photoshop or like drawing dongs on things, all the better. Get in enough entries and I’ll make a video out of it. Do it.

If you enjoyed my blog, please click those advertisements you see around here and see all the awesome merchandise my sponsors sell. They won’t pay me until I get enough clicks and I’m not even a tenth of the way there.

Hmmm… my TV just changed channel on it’s own.

Anyway, it’s been a great time blogging, even if it has been a little pointless. Did I forget to mention how awesome you guys are? Thanks for reading!

June 21 2008 11:47 pm | Daily Life

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