Space Jeff Game Complete!

This will make more sense once you play the game. Justas has just finished his brilliantly funny forum adventure “Space Jeff Game!” If you liked “Chris Adventure,” go check it out on the forums now! And if you didn’t like “Chris Adventure,” then screw you and go check out Justas’ game anyway. It rocks.

I need to fill in an extra paragraph here for formatting purposes, so I’ll just ramble for a bit. I’m off camping for the weekend with relatives, so I’ll be paddle-boating and getting covered with mosquitoes for the next three days. I’m still working on TSL – not back onto SQInc or more Ducktalez yet (I know, I know.) Ah, there we go! Paragraph complete!

July 31 2009 10:55 am | Awesomeness, Humor, Killing Time

One Response to “Space Jeff Game Complete!”

  1. mjomble / Justas on 31 Jul 2009 at 5:23 pm #

    Although to be quite fair, the game’s title is “Space Jeff Game”.

    It’s very meta and self-referential and 2.0 and bag of nachos.

    ….wait, what?

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