Superman Returns… to Bollywood!

After years of begging, pleading, and complaining on internet forums, both DC and Marvel fans will no long have to look any further for that Superman/Spider-Girl musical crossover they’ve been demanding. In 2005, Bollywood joined the superhero race with their own take on the genre, putting “Batman Begins” to shame, and proving once and for all that anyone who doesn’t live in India may be living in the wrong country.

Take about 6 minutes out of your time and watch the following clip. What may seem like fan-fiction gone horribly, horribly wrong may very well change your life (or equally destroy it.)

I’ve seen some pretty crazy things come out of Bollywood, but this one borders on all levels of wrong and awesome at the same time. As a stand-alone music video, this would be pretty sweet. But between this as 6-minutes of a full-length movie, and the Japanese disguising themselves as vending machines to thwart crime, I really have to commend that continent. When they don’t want to take something seriously, they get it down to a fine art.

My favorite thing about this clip is that it’s a high-concept video with an incredibly low budget. One never imagines a match-up like this – seriously, who even considers Spider-Girl for anything? You’d almost think the script(?) was rewritten because the rental shop only had one costume left. Then there’s the green-screen effects (which look like they were assembled in Adobe Premiere) which still have the characters casting shadows on the sky and turning transparent. Not to mention the Bollywood version of camera-tracking involves duct-taping a camera to the top of a moving vehicle. Yet you have to wonder what might happen if Bollywood put as much effort into the rest of a production as it does into it’s dance choreography.

Yes, the dancing. As completely messed up as that was, you have to admit that Superman and Spider-Chick have some pretty funky-fresh moves, which they exercise often enough. They can’t even wave good-bye to a brutally beaten couple without gyrating their hips on the way out. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire continues to shame us all.

EDIT: What’s up with Superman’s new ball-grabbing power? In this instance, he lifts up a man by his balls, spins him around, then leaves him suspended in mid-air. I’m not sure how Superman discovered this amazing new anti-gravity ball-grabbing power, but it looks more trouble than it’s worth, plus it involves grabbing balls. No one will judge you if you just curbstomp the guy, Supes.

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  2. luckykabutar on 25 Oct 2007 at 10:03 am #

    love that stuff. let more weird stuff be made and put out there.

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