TechnoBuzz: Real-Life Super-Powers

Luis Prada at Cracked has just come out with this sweet list of Super-Powers Science Will Give Us In Our Lifetime. That list includes invisibility cloaks, robots suits, and super-velcro, so check it out.

My ideal super-power would be telekenesis. Not that lame “spin a pencil on the table” crap, or the “turn on your car from outside” stuff on that list. I’m talking about an all-out Jean Gray-style “Oh f**k, Oh f**k, we’re all going to die” telekinesis. TK is the Everything power. Flight, lifting heavy objects, defense against bombs and bullets, fire-starting, head-exploding – if you’ve seen X3, you know what I’m talking about. I want to scare the piss out of people when I levitate Edmonton out the ground and fly it south for the winter. Of course, science will probably never provide me with that luxury, but I can always hope for a magical bolt of lightning to hit me.

Something they left off that list is levitation. I read a while back that they reversed something called the Casimir effect and now they can levitate tiny objects. They’ll move onto bigger things eventually, and It won’t be long before we start getting our own anti-gravity belts. Flying vehicles will probably be a big next step too, but they’ll probably only reserve that technology for emergency services like ambulances and fire engines. I can’t see today’s drivers ready to take on the skies yet. They get into enough accidents driving on flat surfaces.

June 16 2008 11:18 am | Geek Talk, Humor

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