The Future of Gaming (is outside the house)

So yesterday I attended a GameCamp convention – it’s this thing where about 20-40 people from the gaming industry around Edmonton all get together in a pub, show off demos, and talk about the industry. I figured it would be a great place to make some connections and even find some employment opportunities. Ironically, everyone there turned out to be unemployed.

However, there was a demo that really caught my eye – something that’ll probably be the future of gaming in the next five years: super casual gaming. Gaming that’s so casual, you don’t even need to be playing a video game to play it. By using your iPhone to scan barcodes around the world, or even individual people, the system can take what you do in real life and carry it over to your game character. Doing things like going to the gym, shopping, attending local events and even climbing Mt. Everest could grant you in-game experience points, money, trophies, and so on that will carry over to any MMORPGs or Facebook games you’re playing. It’s basically gaming that’s designed to get you out of the house.

I keep thinking that super casual gaming is somehow going to lead to the end of the hardcore gamer. In the gaming world, nerds rule because they sacrifice a social life to hone their skills. But it can all be in vain if, while playing Warcraft, they happen upon a player who visits the gym several times a day and is already at level 5000000 because of it. Now they’re competing against people who can beat them up in video games and in real life. It’s like “Revenge of the Jocks.”

Anyway, on the topic of video games, here’s a follow-up to that other Mortal Kombat video I posted a while back. Enjoy!

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