Thursday Rambling: May ’08 Edition

I had this weird dream this morning where I was running around doing something, and then I run into my friend Amie and she’s got a strange hairdo. So I comment on the hairdo and she says nothing, so I go back to doing something.

Later, after waking up, I went on Facebook and found out she dyed her hair blonde.


This whole week’s been crazy for me. Working non-stop around the clock at work and pulling in late hours just to meet deadlines. May is generally a non-productive month for me, but I guess that only applies at home (last May, my computer went on the blitz and was stuck in the shop for five weeks.) I can’t bring myself to doing work at home lately and I’m feeling pretty anti-social, so I’ve just been blasting away at the “Kingdom Hearts” games for the last couple weeks. I’ll blog about those later. They’re awesome.

Not much else to report on. Might start taking some night classes in the next few weeks, but that’s about it. Now I’m just sitting on the floor right now, blogging, watching the “Lost” season finale and eating ice cream. Tomorrow is barbecue day at work. Yaaaay. I’m tired. Sleep time.

May 30 2008 01:15 am | Daily Life

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