Wendy’s: The S is for Sucks

Yes, it took me this long enough to figure out – mostly because I never ate there. But eventually everyone gets suckered in by misleading advertising. We’ve all seen the McDonald’s commercials where they’ve got a big juicy burger neatly stacked and ready to be eaten by God himself, and then finally order one just to get something half the size and looks sat on. But Wendy’s pushed it too far.

Here’s the new Wendy’s chicken wrap:

In the commercials, it looks two feet long and shows somebody eating it just as they would a Subway sandwich. There seemed like no way they could be exaggerating the size of this thing. However, the actors they used must have been midgets because when I got mine at drive-thru, it was 90% wrap, 5% lettuce, 2% cheese, and in the middle of it all… was a chicken nugget.

Google Image Search result for “Pictures that express my anger toward stupid Wendy’s and their stupid chicken nuggets… gangsta baby”

You win this round, Wendy’s. But once this entry gets 50 million page views from loyal Wendy’s customers, you’re going down.

May 10 2008 03:09 pm | Daily Life, Food

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