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To everyone that still drops in expecting updates, I thought I might bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on and why I’m not blogging as frequently as I used to.

Basically, if my life and routine were a pond, Michael J. Fox would have been break-dancing in it for the last three months. For starters, my workplace finally responded to the bad economy by re-locating and “re-structuring,” temporarily reducing the entire company to three guys in a closet. This prompted me to get my resume and portfolio back up-to-date in case of an emergency, and I found out that recovering and re-rendering four years worth of animation is a full-time job in itself. Then my doctor kept putting me on all kinds of crazy diets, work gave me a billion new things to work on, and a hairless cat threw up on my kitchen floor. Essentially, I had to develop a whole new routine just to maintain my sanity.

So the for last three months, I’ve been stepping back from the blogging and SQInc stuff to recover myself and catch up on some much needed de-stressing. I’ve been taking improv classes, meeting new people, going for massages, biking around, visiting parks and shows, and just laying on the grass and watching ducks whenever I can. I even found time to work on that new Ducktalez cartoon and beat the crap out of “God of War” on ultra hard mode. And, of course, Brittany’s always good about coming over for ice cream and video games. I even took last week off from work and explored the city a bit. On Canada Day I made friends with a goose and then joined a crowd that was heckling two people having sex under a public bridge.

I’ll be getting back on SQInc eventually. At the moment, I’m back on TSL, trying to crank out the cinematics and prep it for a release hopefully later this summer.

At the moment I’m at work and finally seeing some upness to all the downness that went on, so hopefully I can ride out any future ripples and be better prepared for tidal waves in the future. All this work I have to do seems more doable now and my health issues have gotten a little more manageable. So either I’m doing something right, or Spring was just a jerk to me. I’ll get around to reposting things more often in time after the right energy comes back for it. Anyway, that’s all for now!

July 08 2009 02:07 pm | Daily Life

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