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“The Devil’s Triangle” (1999) is a fan-developed adventure that takes place between the first two “Monkey Island” games. In it, mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood finds himself washed ashore a mysterious island and charged with the task of leading a small mutinous crew into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle to recover a fabled treasure. Along the way, he must earns the crew’s trust and stay one step ahead of the dreaded Captain Sharkjaw and his army of bilge rats.

Because of the game tool’s limitations, “The Devil’s Triangle” does not come with a save function. You can, however, download and play the game’s four chapters individually.

  • Chapter 1: The Invaders
  • Chapter 2: Skar Island
  • Chapter 3: A Taste of Darkness
  • Chapter 4: Hell’s Last Stand

  • A walkthrough is available here.

    Use the keyboard to move Guybrush around the screen. Bump into things to interact with them, use the mouse to select dialogue options, and press the appropriate number keys to use your inventory in the direction Guybrush is facing (yes, really). Press shift to skip cut-scenes.

    I developed “The Devil’s Triangle” back in high school. It was my first adventure game and was based on a Monkey Island fan-fiction I had written by the same name. The entire game was created using the long-since outdated “Klik ‘n Play” game tool, with all the graphics either being drawn in MS Paint or ripped from other adventure games. The game’s soundtrack as well is composed of dozens of free downloadable MIDI tracks and sound effects.

    This game was developed in Windows 3.1 on a 486, so… yeah. You may run into some animation timer bugs. On XP, you should be able to right-click the game icon and set a Windows 95 compatibility mode for it (256 colors and disabling themes works fine). For Vista and higher, try downloading the XP Virtual PC from the Microsoft website. Alternatively, try consulting this site for a guide on running the game through Windows 3.1 through DosBox.


  • Adventure Archive – “Who understands fun, can be pleased about this download. Seriousness is contained rather too little in this story. What’s more, it is well knitted together and an absolute comedy spectacle – for the first work of a beginner – perfect.”
  • International House of Mojo – “Irony, good gameplay and the ability to combine the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood with many other artistic, cultural and musical references [makes] the adventure more fun!”
  • Fangames.Co.Uk – “Despite the interface and lack of replayability. (Too long, i fear, plus the button puzzle had me destroy a hot dog.) this is still a great Mi fan game. 4 stars!”

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    1. Richard on 13 Apr 2012 at 8:32 am #

      So you are the guy that made this? I have been trying to track it down for YEARS!

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