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Avast me hearties! It's me own original fan-game that be starting this whole mess!

Pirate lingo aside, "The Devil's Triangle" is a fan-game based on LucasArts' "Monkey Island" series, following the hapless Guybrush Threepwood as he journeys into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle with a misfit crew and a sinister new villain on his heels. The game was developed in "Klik 'n Play" and takes place throughout four individually-downloaded chapters.

How do I get it running on modern systems?
You need a special emulator called "winevdm". Download the emulator's ZIP file, extract it to a DOS-friendly folder like "C:\otvdm", and run the installation. Then you can install the game's episodes to a "games" directory in the emulator's folder. (Thanks to Billy Votta for the emulator!)


  • Part 1: The Invaders
  • Part 2: Skar Island
  • Part 3: A Taste of Darkness
  • Part 4: Hell's Last Stand


  • Full Walkthrough