Hi, I’m Chris Ushko and welcome to Box of Mystery! The quick facts about me: I’m a husband, a father of one, and I have a lot of background in animation and writing. I’ve worked on shows like Disney’s “Elena of Avalor” and Slugterra, but at home, I like to write/animate my own projects. As a rule, I like to play around with science-fiction, mythology, fan-fiction, cartoon parodies or all of the above. I love to explore different genres and deliver fun stories for fellow children-at-heart.

As a professional animator who loves to non-professionally write, I don’t always work in a single medium. I’ve dabbled in comic strips, novels, web cartoons, and music videos as a way to exercise my skills and pay homage to my inspirations. But having grown up in a community of PC gamers, my preferred projects will always be point-n-click adventure games, like those made by LucasArts and Sierra On-Line in the 90’s. Having worked on many fan-games, including “Space Quest: Incinerations”, my long-term goal is to create a series of original titles in the spirit of these games.

Most of my personal work is produced out of the home, in a space we call “daddy’s office”. I do most of my own writing and graphics, but I like to bring in talented friends to help me with programming and music. In addition to my own work, I also work closely with No More For Today Productions with their games (Late Last Nite, Stair Quest), and have helped teams like Phoenix On-Line (The Silver Lining).

Other facts about me:

  • Favourite movies include Hot Shots, Jurassic Park and the Indiana Jones Trilogy
  • Favourite games include Chrono Trigger, King’s Quest VI, and Mass Effect
  • Favourite singer to karaoke: Weird Al Yankovic
  • Favourite pizza is Hawaiian. Come at me.

    January 22 2018 02:29 am